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Get ready for thrills, chills and excitement as Babble’s Chief Race Baiter… er anti-racism forum moderator, Big City Gal, Michelle the Dhimmi, and Remind the Unmedicated, mix it up over the Duke Rape Case.

The Girls are Not Happy At All that the boy’s are innocent, nor that Nifong is deserving of disbarrment and by God they’re gonna prove that the Justice System is corrupt!

Poor 500_Apples is getting it from all 3 here (his comments in Red):

Topic: Duke lacrosse prosecutor faces disbarment

bigcitygal moderator (anti-racism forum) Babbler # 8938
posted 12 June 2007 01:44 PM

quote: 500_Apples: You can try and put on a deeper context if you wish, or you can look at the individuals involved, 3 innocent boys who have faced media and public harassment, one women who seems to not really know what happened…

500, I’m usually very patient with you when you yammer on about stuff that you have no idea about. Not this time cupcake.

Fuck off.

What do you know about rape and violence against women? Never mind the history of racist sexual assault in the South? Sweet fuck all from all accounts.

We will disagree about what “really” happened, but those young men were not innocent by any account. (Rape can happen, by the way, without vaginal penetration and without a penis doing the penetrating. Think about it.)

quote 500: and a zealot district attorney, a zealot media, and 88 zealot professors.

Yeah, it was all a conspiracy against those poor sweet white guys who are victims, victims I tell you.

What the fuck ever.

Ya know some women really do earn the term Bitch………