Anarchists Use Government Postal Service To Communicate Stupid Anti-War Missive

Stupid yes, effective no. A sense of irony? Impossible.

Anti-war letters mailed to Quebec soldiers

The first of about 3,000 letters mailed by antiwar protesters are expected to start showing up in neighbourhoods around the military base in Valcartier, Que., home to the Royal 22nd Regiment. More than 2,000 Van Doos, as they’re known, are scheduled to depart for Afghanistan beginning in August.

“You can refuse to participate in this war,” says the missive, mailed last week by four Quebec-based antiwar groups.
“Your deployment in Afghanistan means complicity with the civilian deaths and other activities… that are tantamount to war crimes.”

It cites the potential for the torture of prisoners transferred by Canadian troops to their Afghan counterparts. The letter blames media for marginalizing the “Afghani resistance” to foreign occupation as the work of the Taliban, and tells soldiers they will become “cannon fodder” in the war-torn region.

Idiot spokesjackass Sophie Schoen, self proclaimed “anarchist” and member of Block The Empire comments:

“What we’re saying is if you’re ready to not go, we’re ready to support you in that and to fight with you,” Schoen said.

To which was replied:

“As far as we know we have had zero people refuse to go (to Afghanistan), we have had zero deserters,” said Cmdr. Denise LaViolette.

I get a kick out of this from an earlier Block The Empire protest:

The BLOCK THE EMPIRE anti-imperialist contingent will be a”child-friendly” march.

You know if any child was forced to participate in this stupidity, Child Welfare should have been notified. Frankly I find it disturbing that these morons breed at all.

Here’s a statement from the “Block The Empire” Blog:


Block the Empire-Montreal is an anti-authoritarian, direct-action collective opposed to war and militarization, and their roots and manifestations: colonialism, imperialism and capitalism. We seek to expose the links between capitalist globalization and patriarchy, racism and all forms of oppression, both here and abroad. Our work locally aims to disrupt and directly impact the interests of those who are actively complicit in these systems, from companies who fuel and profit from war and occupation, to the supporters and outposts of US Empire and the Canadian state. We endorse the People’s Global Action (PGA) hallmarks, and we act in direct solidarity with all those on the frontlines of resistance and struggle against occupation and exploitation – from those resisting the racist “War on Terror” in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia, to the struggle for indigenous sovereignty here on Turtle Island (occupied North America).

Amazing how far some folks can wedge their heads up their asses.