Winnie Mandela refused Canadian visa

OTTAWAWinnie Mandela, a South African AIDS activist and former wife of Nelson Mandela, was refused a visa by Canadian officials one day before she was to give a speech at the opening of a Toronto opera celebrating her life, according to an organizer of the event.

Good, she is a criminal thug, about time someone was refused entry to Canada. Thank God that piece of crap – The Passion of Winnie – A night in Soweto, is South African, at least my tax dollars did not help create it, however I am sure the Luminato festival of which this production is a part has already picked my pocket.

Winnie’s only true passion’s are theft and murder. Keep the commie scumbag out of Canada.

  • Wow… shows ya how much I know… had no idea…

  • Commie scumbag??!!!

    Okay, she’s no saint. And it certainly looks like she is inept at the kind of corruption that keeps the rest of Africa stuck in the dark ages. But how do you know she’s a commie?

  • Trust me Papa J the ANC were closely affiliated with the communists, Winnie walks like a duck, smells like a duck ……

  • Nothing to do with the post but here is a joke re Winnie:

    Whats the difference between Winnie Mandela and a pigeon? A pigeon gets to sit on Nelson’s column.

  • Good one Fido!