Out of Africa……

You know maybe colonial government wasn’t so bad after all………..

Nigeria: Don Calls for Islamisation of Democracy

CAMEROON: Campaign launched to counter ‘breast ironing’

  • I think there is no doubt that most African nations would be better off if still colonies.

  • It is very sad to see how far backwards these countries have marched.

    Less education, less electricity, less roads, less jobs.

    More death, more illness, more poverty. And it is the direct result of inept leadership after the colonies exited.

    Of course, it was no picnic during colonization, but the transition should have been done more carefully.

  • Unfortunately too many former colonies opted for “socialism”, this coupled with the corrupt tribalism has mired that unfortunate continent.

  • I left a comment here yesterday!! dang…
    something about never having heard about breast ironing.. what barbarism..

  • It is appalling, it is a continent exploited by history and it’s own superstitions and ignorance.