Life’s a Bitch for Toronto 18 & their Families- Ahhhh poor Cheryfa Jamal

Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal tells her tale of woe in a Toronto Star piece- there’s no Bitch like a Dhimmi Bitch.

Well gee guys maybe life would be a whole lot better if you didn’t go round plotting to murder innocent citizens in the name of your pedophile “prophet”.

How bout we deport the whole lot of you, even the Dhimmi Bitch Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal to any half assed backwater of a muslim paradise of your choosing?

I have no sympathy for any of them in particular Cheryfa Jamal and her batshit crazy husband Abdul Qayyum Jamal. Here’s all you need to know about Abdul:

“Prosecutors, however, will paint a very different picture of the man, a Wahhabist with anti-Western views. In 2005, before a rapt audience at the Al-Rahman Islamic Centre – a storefront prayer room in a Mississauga strip mall where the 44-year-old worked as a caretaker and preached to teens on the side – Jamal was about to introduce MP Wajid Khan.
Instead, he introduced his own radical views, telling the crowd Canadian soldiers were raping Muslim women in Afghanistan. Khan voiced his opposition and is not the only one to have spoken out against Jamal in recent years.”

Be sure to read this interview with Cheryfa Jamal wife of a Toronto 18 Suspect at Jihad Unspun, such a charming woman.

  • No accountability…and feelings of entitlement. that’s the problem with the world today and particularly with Muslims, who believe that they have the right to impose their will on the rest of the world.
    Unbelievable that they think that it’s okay to preach their radical ideology without any repercussions…

  • Yup, these are not immigrants but settlers, they despise the country that has given them all that they have. Islamofascist scum.

  • Dear, Cheryfa Jamal is not a dhimmi, she is a muslima.

    A dhimmi is a christian or jew who submits to be a secound-range person in an islamic society and pay taxes to show he or she accepts their subordinate status.

    Baat Yeor has done the best work ever on the status of the dhimmi:

  • Thank you Kafira, you are absolutely correct, I misused the term.

  • My pleasure Blazing Cat. In favor for a link to an interesting interview with the “enabler”. Most likely Cherfya did not know the minute plans of her husband, but she is a big supporter of his activites and trusts him blindly.

    Cherfya, an uglier version of Ginny Sacramoni, is a kafir`s enemy.
    A dhimmi might just be a lost sheep without a gun…;-) A dhimmi might also become a left-radicalist problem for the fight of terroism and the need of immigation-control in Europe and the need to enable those who already are here adapt to the customs. It seems to be a fading problem, but one in the intellectual cicuits particularly.

    As I would be deeply aggravated being called a dhimmi, not a kafir, lets label Cherfya for the dubm sticker she chose herself. A full flegded muslim. In my world a Quisling.