Judge dismisses Khadr charges on technicality

Khadr had been classified as an “enemy combatant” by a military panel years earlier at Guantanamo Bay, but because he was not classified as an “alien unlawful enemy combatant,” Army Col. Peter Brownback said he had no choice but to throw the case out.

The dismissal of the charges does not mean he will be freed from Guantanamo. Only three of the roughly 380 men held at this isolated military base on suspicion of links to the Taliban and al-Qaida have been charged under the new military tribunal system.

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    If we send the rest of the family… can we get a group rate?


  • I agree Neo, it would be nice to be rid of the whole lot but I need to learn more about the Marine Lawyers reasons.

  • I could strangle the prosecution right now for this stupid error. One thing’s for sure – we don’t want him back here.


  • Yup what a blow, aw well better luck next time. Still I can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t intentional, his being a minor and all- bad optics.

  • well, we don’t want him here, either.. 🙂
    And we don’t want him back in Afghanistan or Iraq… so what do we do..

    imagine, a 15 year old when he was caught. where were his parents?!

  • Well his Mom & siblings live in Toronto- his dad was killed in a shootout in Pakistan and another brother paralyzed, one brother was was already released from Gitmo, claims to be a CIA informant and resides in Canada. They are an an all al- Queda family – the most despised in Canada.

  • The “informant” also sold his soul (if he had one) to Hollywood for his story. So he’s profiting from it.