Maybe an Air Canada jet could crash into the Friends of the Earth offices…hmmmm

A banner day for hysterics from the “Glowball Warming” crowd. 1st we had Air Canada offering passengers “Carbon Offset” credits now Friends of the Earth – a Canadian Environmental Charity, has launched a lawsuit against the government of Canada for not meeting its commitments under the Kyoto Accord. Canada I weep.

“Because climate change is the most urgent crisis ever facing the planet, Friends of the Earth is resorting to the courts to require the federal government to respect its Kyoto promises,” said Beatrice Olivastri, chief executive of Friends of the Earth Canada in a press release.

Beatrice honey, Kyoto and climate change, or whatever you are calling it next week, are both socialist schemes designed to defraud the public. I thought there were rules governing political actions by registered charities? Needs some looking into.

Dear Friends of the Earth,

Please bite me.



  • Members of Parliament who voted to ratify the Kyoto Protocol in 2002, had an obligation, before taking their seats, to swear that they would be faithful and bear true allegiance to the King or Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. They swore, or affirmed, that they would be faithful and bear true allegiance to Elizabeth the Second.

    Elizabeth the Second is not Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, contrary to the requirement in this Fifth Schedule.

    The provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick expressed their desire to be federally united into one Dominion under the Crown of the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”, not the Crown of the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”, according to the British North America Act, 1867.

    This calls into question the legality of Canada’s alleged commitment under the Kyoto Protocol.

  • Why thank you David, I find your ideas intriguing and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Huh?!

  • Pongo

    I have a history with Foes of the Earth. I was working as a temp at the National Library some years ago and answered an ad for a job with the Foes. After interviewing with them I was offered the position, but they insisted I start immediately. The agency that was employing me at the time was not happy that I left without notice, but what was I to do. I showed up at Foes of the Earth and was promptly informed they had decided I was not really a suitable candidate after all.

    I went crawling back to the temporary employment agency and they graciously agreed to take me back to complete the original assignment. This litte exercise was humiliating to say the least.

    By all means investigate the Foes of the Earth and their sources of funding.

  • Yes Pongo, seems to me that there is a provision that prohibits a charitable organization from participating in overt political action which is what this lawsuit is. I am not a fan of these “lifestyle” charitable organizations. The definition of a charity in Canada is way too broad.

  • Pongo

    By way of a final comment on my unpleasant experience with FOE, if nothing else, I learned a valuable moral lesson. In short, do not burn your bridges unless you have a boat!

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