Life Lesson 1 for Chavez: Never ever deny Venezuelans their Soap Opera’s

Riots Break Out in Venezuelan Capital After Chavez Pulls Plug on Opposition TV Station.

Chavez has clearly taken one step too far in his desire to turn Venezuela into yet another socialist armpit state. Is Freedom of Speech the real issue that has caused the populace to rise up in anger? Maybe, but I suspect it is the South American passion for their beloved telenovela that has the public up in arms.

Nationalize the oil industry, ruin the economy, but don’t ever interupt a Venezuelan’s right to watch Soap Opera’s.

  • Um….Wow. Thats a……

    ….Huh? Really?

    I’m sure that this was because of the issues with speech and access to media…Right? But, why not riots when the 87,000 other rights were taken away?

  • Trust me, don’t mess with Soap Opera’s.

  • Too funny, BCF. You’re right, though… the Latinos love their Soaps!! 🙂

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  • Its not just the telenovelas. They’ve been protesting all along. We’ve only started picking up on it in our enclosed little world for the last year. Hugo Chavez has seized power. It wasn’t handed to him with a blank check.

    Julia_1984 is the one that enlightened me on this sad truth.

  • You’re right the anti-Chavistas di did protest before he was elected by the masses, but obviously not enough people did. sad.

  • I agree Papa J that not enough attention was paid by the MSM etc, blogs were much more active however. Chavez is so buffoonish I think most people expected him to be harmless, but then we all laughed at Idi Amin as well…..