Bad Poetry Under Attack By Politician – Can’t they both lose?

I am not a fan of poetry or politicians and while bad poems can be funny, this is about freedom of speech- a much more serious issue. What makes it all the worse is that it involves a politician attempting to silence a disgruntled constituent.

Antonio Batista is under attack for penning a satirical ditty about City Councillor Pat Saito.

The 75-year-old Mississauga resident is facing a criminal charge of threatening and intimidation against city councillor Pat Saito for his poem last year mocking her for being obsessed with filling potholes instead of solving other problems.

The offending line:

“We’re going to build a pothole six-foot-long and five-foot-deep and three-foot-wide to hide her body inside,” his poem stated. “And God will take of her soul. She can keep running at a good pace. We’ll make sure she’s in heaven and out of the race, so please God take this soul.”

God have mercy on us all, as Batisata’s lawyer Clayton Ruby says, this is a farce.

The case goes to court Monday in Brampton.

  • No, I think that poetry that bad needs to be punished. How badly should it be punished? Let me count the ways…..

  • MUD

    Sounds like a grave and not a pot hole. Serious needs to rethink this. A good old apology should do it and then move on smartly. MUD

  • LOL Good one ODP, unfortunately for me my better half is in fact a published poet, I always gotta tread a little carefully.

    You rae right MUD, this is a silly waste of time and money.

  • My favourite part is how a U of T English prof will be part of the defence. Hee hee hee! Profs love to pick up a little pin money doing stuff like that.

    Anyway, pamphleteers have been writing scurrilous abuse of politicians since the printing press was invented, so there must be clear laws dealing with this.

    That said, I found the part about hiding “her body inside” rather creepy. If a student wrote that about a professor, I would think a discussion in order. That said, I think the professional thing for a politician to do would be to ignore it.

  • I agree Seraph, I should have inclided that, could have done a good CSI spoof- Forensic English Lit!

    Yes saito could use a history lesson and should have a look at what goes on in the Blogs.

  • The poetry is pretty darn bad, and in bad taste.. (I hate when anyone wishes someone else dead, satire or no) and I could also understand if there were a bunch of similarly written notes… could be considered a threat… but one stupid poem… it’s silly.