The award for least Politically Correct Invective goes to…Hojjatoleslam Ahmad Khatami at The Tehran Friday Hate

Hojjatoleslam Ahmad Khatami for his performance at the Tehran Friday Hate er ..Prayer get a load of these beauties:

On Dick Cheney:

  • “We tell this notorious and extremely corrupt individual you have repeated such words so often that one feels like vomiting when one hears them uttered anew, so why don’t you try to say something new now?”

On the USA

  • “Just as you bully, uttering such nonsense, you should be aware that the Iranian nation, too, has all options on the table for punching the United States on the mouth.”
  • He reiterated, “It is truly befitting to tell these narrow minded retched figures, “O little fly! The high peaks where eagles build nests are far above your flight altitude. You are just ruining your own reputation, yet, not rally troubling us, either.”
  • “Thanks Allah, this nation is a weathered one, and you (Americans), too, are not competent for committing such mischief, because you have not forgotten having received severe blows on the mouth from this nation continually for eight straight years.”

On the European Union (Ya, this makes sense)

  • WISE STAND OF NEGOTIATING WITH EU WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS He added, “We are today clearly telling the European Union to take full advantage of the chance of sitting at negotiation table with us, and to be grateful for the blessing.”

On Israel & the Palestinians

  • “Israel is a politically dead corpse, and a dying entity. Your (Arabic) Peace Plan would breath new life into that dead corpse, and would be a great service to Israel.”
  • “Therefore, it seems as if the only way to solve the crisis in occupied Palestine is to apply the solution put forth by the Islamic Republic of Iran, that is returning five million Palestinian refugees to their motherland, launch a free and fair election, and let every Palestinian have a vote to decide his fate.” Khatami added, “If you are pro-democracy this is the most democratic proposal.” (Oh yea that’ll work, thanks Mr. Mullah)

Why can’t we take our cue from Khatami and sling our own 1-2 Whammies? Why do the Mad Mullahs get all the fun?