Dear Toronto 18 Support Group – Have a cup of coffee & SHUT THE F%&K UP

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Be sure to read this interview with Cheryfa Jamal wife of a Toronto 18 Suspect at Jihad Unspun, such a charming woman.

This is the mewling letter these cretins (all 800 or so members) are sending authorities in protest because little Stevie Chand got a bump on the head for disobeying a guard in prison.

Adeel Vanthaliwala (University of Toronto) wrote on May 20, 2007 at 9:42 PM

From: Canadian Coalition for Peace and Justice
Date: May 18, 2007 5:14 PM
Subject: Action Required- Confirmation RequestedTo: Cc:

Hello Everyone,

Hope you guys are off school or done with busy season at work.We have many projects on the go, as discussed in our last meeting. We will hopefully be setting another meeting soon. However, the following 3 items require your immediate assistance. We will send a follow up email with the next meeting dates, and we will be delegating some tasks that we think you will be enthusiastic to help out in 🙂


Amongst the Toronto Paintball 18, one of the coaccused was severely tortured and abused, and this has unfortunately not caught much media attention except for the following article

The star has a milder story,however, per family members of the coaccused, the coaccused have claimed that this individual, Steven Chand was taking a shower, he had soap in his hair and when they abruptly announced that his time was up, he said that he needs a minute to rinse off the soap, which caused the guards to pull him from his hair, bang him onto the wall, and then he was dragged naked into the ‘hole’, where he is kept from Sunday, May 13th. The hole has been described to be a very dirty, dingy place with no windows, and a dirty foam mattress. This is extremely disturbing for everyone, yet there seems to be not enough media coverage on this unfortunately.Anyhow, the actions required from you are the following-

1) Write a letter to editor at the star at It only needs to be 150 words or so, with your concern of- how troubling this is to you; or- how Canada is a free and democratic society that respects the individual,- Canada talks about other parts of the world and mistreatment with individuals, and should consider the prisons and authoritative staff here etc.

2) Since the abuse Steven Chand had to face was extremely humiliating and should NOT be tolerated. It is our duty, actually more of an obligation to facilitate things for them.Call, email and send letters to the contacts in the list below. When you call or write, let them know who you are. You can say something to the extent of’..I’m calling/writing to bring to your urgent attention the abuse and humiliation Steven Vikash Chand was subjected to at the hands of the guards at Maplehurst Correctional Complex. He was beaten up while taking a shower and dragged out of the washroom naked. I request you to appoint a Correctional Investigator to look into this case..’ You can add more if you want. This is just a rough sample to start you off.Be forceful in your wording but be polite.Please make sure to include a return address on your envelope when sending out the letter.Don’t forget to include your complete name and contact information when you send an email and do the same when leaving a voicemail.Lets flood the inboxes! (we have an ambitious numeric goal that we wish to achieve with your help)

3) Write support messages to Steven Chand you can also send a card with a short message – [doesn’t matter if its anonymous] and mail it to him to the address below. Those who cannot mail it to him directly, can email me whatever they’d like to say to him and I’ll send it to him.

Steven Vikash Chand
Maplehurst Correctional Complex
661 Martin Street
Milton, Ontario
L9T 2Y3

4) A few of us are in the midst of starting an online petition, once that gets started, please make sure to sign it and pass it on to friends and family Once the above action items are done, please send us an email confirming that you did it. The reason for this is so we know how many people actually took part and what the outcome depending on that will be. I know that this seems like a mountain of work, but trust me, it’ll take only 1 hour maximum to do all of the above. And the difference that the above will make, with God’s will, will make your efforts worthwhile. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at

Beenish Gaya

Please show our little friends your concern and send your views to:

PS. On Facebook I noticed that they have voluntarily deleted the discussion topics on Tarek Fatah, evidently they felt the death threats might be construed as counterproductive.

Adeel Vanthaliwala (University of Toronto) wrote 7 hours ago

Hey guys, I am sorry but I had to delete the Tarek Fatah messages and the replies you guys posted. It was going against the group’s objectives and would have attracted negative attention from the media and would have completely taken the light away from the cause that we have stood for. I know a lot of you wrote a lot of stuff on it so I have kept it with me. If you want i can email them to you. But once again I urge all of you to stay focused. If Tarek Fatah is on the minds of so many others than you can find other platforms where you can discuss him.thankx

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Omar Ha-Redeye (Ryerson) replied to Adeel’s post 5 hours ago

Why not send it directly to him:

In fact, everyone why not send anything you have to say to him directly. But please, no death threats. Just let him know how he has consistently let everyone down.But I agree, no room for that stuff here.

What a charming bunch of Citizens!