British Oppression

OMG! Get a load of this British Oppression…H/T Sunny of Pickled Politics

Looks like Hizb ut-Tahrir are organising a protest on June 15th outside Downing Street (like they’ll get that far) and calling it British Oppression. Apparently man made law is a problem going by their website. Interestingly it has no information about who is organising the event but given the flyer talks about re-estabilishing the Khalifah and mentions ‘man made law’, it only points to one group. Let’s see who else jumps on this bandwagon.

“Man made Law”? Okey dokey, no signs of civilization crumbling here……..

  • Anonymous

    Just came upon your blog–it helps me feel sane, thanks! So many people seem to be in complete denial about what is happening.

  • Glad to have you, keep coming back…I think;)

  • Good grief. Another one of those …bang my head against the wall… posts. They think they are being oppressed. Sigh.