An all-out attack on freedom of speech – Abortionists attempt to silence debate/CBC radio

Courtesy “Meeker on Media” An all-out attack on Freedom of Speech

The Monday, May 14 edition of Crosstalk on Radio Noon started out quietly enough. The topic was abortion, and the guest was Patrick Hanlon, representing the pro-life side of the debate. The pro-choice side was also invited to participate, host John Furlong explained, but they declined.

Furlong had noticed a recent survey which found that 34 per cent of citizens in this country feel that abortion is wrong, which struck him as a large number considering that people are not vocal on the issue.After a quick preamble with Hanlon, a soft-spoken 24 year old with deeply held religious beliefs, Furlong opened the lines to callers. And that’s when it hit the fan.

Well-known activist Peg Norman was the first caller. And she went ballistic. I don’t know that I have ever heard such vitriol expressed on radio. You can hear the entire program by going to the Radio Noon Crosstalk archive. The content is so intense that it is disturbing at times, though Norman’s call off the top was probably the most shocking.

Shocking? Perhaps, but not surprising in the least. The attempt to silence debate is typical of the pro-abortion movement and as always our friends from the fever swamp left of chime in, as always good for a laugh:

From “Moderator” Michelle:

“Awesome response on her part.

Hey, CBC, how about next, you give an hour long show to a neonazi to explain all about their philosophy? And why not see whether people from Jewish or other anti-racist organizations will just jump at the opportunity to spend an hour refuting him on national television?

Gee, what do you think their response would be if you presented such an offer to them? To maybe, oh, I don’t know, “Get stuffed,” and perhaps, “What the hell are you doing giving this asshole a platform to spew hate against us?” And finally, “What kind of nerve does it take for you to ask us to help you give this guy publicity”?

Well Michelle actually I have no doubt that any number of members of the Jewish Faith or other anti-racist organizations would jump at the chance to debate anti-semites. Why? Because they have the courage of their convictions, they understand the marketplace of ideas and they understand freedom of speech. You clearly do not.

Michelle sweety, the CBC is a public broadcaster providing a forum for the voices of all Canadians, that you disagree with a given opinion is moot. Your views are not privileged above others. Oh & please show me the “hate” Hanlon spewed? The only hate I have read came from the abortionists.

Last word to John Furlong: “I think one of the talkback callers that we had on said it best: ‘Your first pro-choice caller frightened me. Obviously, she does not believe in free speech. In her world, only her right to speak is sacred.’ That is so true.”

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