The Black and White of ‘Ho’ Culture

“In a new twist in American race relations, a federal court has ruled that a white teacher in a predominantly African-American school was subjected to a racially hostile workplace. The case concerned Elizabeth Kandrac, who was routinely verbally abused by black students at Brentwood Middle School in North Charleston. Their slurs make shock jock Don Imus look like a church deacon. Nevertheless, despite frequent complaints, school officials did nothing to intervene on Kandrac’s behalf, arguing that the racially charged profanity was simply part of the students’ culture. If Kandrac couldn’t handle cursing, school officials told her, she was in the wrong school. “

H/T USA Partisan

  • Imagine for one moment if such rediculous comments were being made about a black teacher being threatened in a majority white school.

    What is this? Reverse aparteid?

  • Decency lost to the PC charged environment.

  • Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

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    Biby Cletus

  • It simply would not happen Papa J, sad commmenatry on our times.

    PC is a weapon of choice for the left. PanHandle.

    Thanks, Biby.

  • Major point is it shouldn’t be happening at all. She’s so right.. we’d be smacked, big time, if corporal punishment were still in effect. Kids today have no respect for authority. And what does that bode for the next generation?

  • I wonder that it is the parents fault, when i was in school you did not dare get summoned to the Principals office, your parents automatically assumed you were wrong and you caught worse hell from them. wasn’t always equitable but it sure kept order.

  • That is a major problem,these days: parents aren’t parenting.