Terry Glavin – Why The Left In Canada Gets Afghanistan Wrong

My absolute favourite Blairite Terry Glavin smacks the heads of Canada’s Traitorous Anti-War Movement….. read his Ottawa Citizen article…With Friends Like These

This week, the Citizen provided its readers with a rare glimpse of a scandal that has severely damaged Canada’s ability to effectively engage in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, and it has nothing to do with the ill-treatment of Taliban detainees (“Canadian antiwar activists sat down with terror groups,” May 8).

The scandal involves a bizarre, backroom alliance between key leaders of Canada’s so-called “anti-war” movement and the Islamist far-right. The Citizen story was an account of a recent gathering in Cairo that had gone largely unreported in the English-speaking world.
The Cairo meeting brought together hundreds of militants and activists from around the world. One of the largest contingents was a 20-member Canadian delegation that included the key leaders of such groups as the Toronto Stop the War Coalition, the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, and Canada’s umbrella anti-war organization, the Canadian Peace Alliance.

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