Terry Glavin – Why The Left In Canada Gets Afghanistan Wrong

My absolute favourite Blairite Terry Glavin smacks the heads of Canada’s Traitorous Anti-War Movement….. read his Ottawa Citizen article…With Friends Like These

This week, the Citizen provided its readers with a rare glimpse of a scandal that has severely damaged Canada’s ability to effectively engage in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, and it has nothing to do with the ill-treatment of Taliban detainees (“Canadian antiwar activists sat down with terror groups,” May 8).

The scandal involves a bizarre, backroom alliance between key leaders of Canada’s so-called “anti-war” movement and the Islamist far-right. The Citizen story was an account of a recent gathering in Cairo that had gone largely unreported in the English-speaking world.
The Cairo meeting brought together hundreds of militants and activists from around the world. One of the largest contingents was a 20-member Canadian delegation that included the key leaders of such groups as the Toronto Stop the War Coalition, the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, and Canada’s umbrella anti-war organization, the Canadian Peace Alliance.

Read the whole thing…….

  • MUD

    I hope everyone gets a chance to talk to the radical elements of the Muslim faith. Perhaps when they come to realize that there just isn’t a peace to be had there they will wake up to the real world. I have my doubts that either of the people in the May 8 meeting are capable of knowing peace it it bit them on the butt. And then could they do anything about it? Nah. MUD

  • Agreed Mud. Our “Peace Activists” are the types that willingly set up the Gulags, the Gas Chambers and ran the Killing Fields, orhcestrated the famines and all the other Great Leaps Forward of their evil ideology.

  • Glavin’s article in the OC was great.

    Very foolish to bed down with the enemy, even though they don’t see it as such. They’ll be the first to go.

  • Yup Incognito they will be one way or another

  • Yikes. Too bad they don’t have a big name celebrity killing her future acting career along with the regularly scheduled stupidity.

  • Pongo

    I am not sure what inspires these “peace activists.” It just goes to show that what Shakespeare said, “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows,” is true indeed. On a similar note, I recall some years ago seeing a news report about black Christian fundamentalists somewhere in the southern United States siding with the Ku Klux Klan on the issue of promoting hatred against gay people. People can be so blinded by their bigotry that they cannot see the folly of their actions.

  • PapaJ Hmmm big name Celebrity? If we look we shal find..

  • Yes it is amazing Pongo who can ever forget the Moltov/Ribbentrop pact?