History’s Losers Unite – A Festival Of Treason May 10th – 13th Toronto

“One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ‘Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist and feminist in England.”

Orwell was right. In our Canadian context the quote should include Islamofascist Apologists & Anti-Israel Bigots who masquerade as “Peace Activists”

On with the Show ! Marxists & Muslims together again in a Festival of Resistance here in a Canadian city! Blazingcatfur can’t make this stuff up, they won’t let him.

Festival Highlights include: Building Unity – Muslims & The Left with keynote speakers Zafar “Bangy” Bangash & James Clark of the Canadian Peace Alliance, Flaggman’s Canada has a good piece on Clark here. Terry Glavin has great piece on the Canadian Peace Alliance here.

Zafar Bangash is director of the Toronto-based Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, The institute is described on its website as “an intellectual centre of the global Islamic movement.”

You’ll remember Bangy for such Oldies But Goodies as:

Toronto “peace” demonstrators cheer announcement of Israeli deaths – “Demonstrators reportedly burst into cheers when, according to the CP, “Zafar Bangash of the Muslim Community Group announced over a megaphone the number of Israeli soldiers killed by Hezbollah forces in the conflict”. More on Bangash here, here, and here.

But wait that’s not all! We got Elmo! MohamedEverybody above 18 is a combatantElmasry.

Dr. Mohamed Elmasry is Chair of the Board and President of the Canadian Islamic Congress, Judeoscope has a fine roundup on their activities here.

Learn all you need to know about Elmo here.

Elmo’s sidekick makes an appearance, Wahida Valiante – Wahida , the vice-president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, published the article – Worth Repeating: Media Propaganda: Hitler, Bush and the “Big Lie”, which suggested Daniel Pipes was a follower of Hitler and/or used tactics like Hitler, and that he wanted to ethnically cleanse Muslims from the United States. OK she did retract her statements but only under threat of legal action, we know where her heart is….

Who else is on the bill? Why a veritable who’s who of Canada’s Socialist Cranks and Islamofascist Apologists.

You want CUPE members? Got Em ! Ali Mallah is the Vice-President, CUPE Toronto District Council. Remember CUPE & their decision to boycott Israel here. Oooh… Ali is also a member of the Canadian Peace Aliance …fancy that.

Canada Post employees? WTF?? OK got One! Terry Theakston is a member of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and a longstanding “solidarity activist”. No wonder my mail… never mind

Alleged Feminists? Got Em by the score! You know the type- Anti-American, Anti-West, Anti-Capitalist yet oddly silent on the issue of womens rights under the Taliban, Islamofascism etc etc etc…

The execrable Judy Rebick makes an appearance, we all know Judy, founder and former publisher of www.rabble.ca, home to www.rabble.ca/babble a discussion forum for Canada’s leftist whackjob community. And trust me rabble.ca does receive funding via your tax dollars courtesy of www.alternatives.ca a leftist site funded principally by CIDA, yup CIDA, your foreign aid dollars well…spent anyway, to fund a domestic, partisan leftist site. Judy used to sit on the Board of Alternatives and it was arranged that Rabble.ca would receive payment from Alternatives.ca for providing “content”. This accounting sleight of hand allows the current publishers of Rabble to maintain the fiction that Rabble.ca receives no direct public funding. Bullshit. Alternative’s struggles to secure more of your tax dollars so they can continue to “promote alternatives and a peoples’ resistance to the rise of Right extremist, militaristic and imperialistic policies throughout the world: including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the DRC Burundi, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Colombia, Cuba and Chile.” are detailed here.

Whats that you say? You want tenured leftist crazies from Canada’s universities? Got em!

Sedef Arat-Koc is Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University in Toronto. Her numerous articles include, “The Disciplinary Boundaries of Canadian Identity After 9/11: Civilizational Identity, Multiculturalism and the Challenge of Anti-Imperialist Feminism”

Abbie Bakan is Professor of Political Studies at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario and Editor of Marxism: A Socialist Annual.

Brian Donnelly “is a professor of design at Sheridan College in Oakville, and joined the I.S. in 1981, just as Solidarnosc in Poland was proving the bankruptcy of state capitalism, while Reagan and Thatcher were proving the utter ruthlessness of global imperialism.” Uhm OK…glad he got a handle on that.

Sherene Razack is Professor of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto.

The list goes on and on…..

The moral bankruptcy & doublethink of the left is exemplified by Judy Rebick. Here she chastises the journalism students of the Ryersonian for looking under a rock and interviewing odious white supremacist Don Andrews. Their crime? In practicing their craft they gave Andrews a forum. How does Judy reconcile this stance with her willingness to make common cause with Elmasry, Bangash & Valiante, to share a forum with them? What are we to make of Peace Activists whose goal is to undermine our moral duty in Afghanistan, who would sell out the Afghan & Israeli people , and yes Canada as well, who side with the enemy?

Whose peace and on whose terms? Phone or write the Festival organizers to express your views on their little shindig here:

International Socialists
tel: 416-924-9042
fax: 416-972-6319

  • “Alleged Feminists? Got Em by the score! You know the type- Anti-American, Anti-West, Anti-Capitalist yet oddly silent on the issue of womens rights under the Taliban, Islamofascism etc etc etc…”

    These are some of my very foavorites. I also love how the front page of the “Festival of Resistance” website states, join us if you want peace? If they so love peace why are they in bed with terrorist support groups?

    Good Post!

  • I still can’t figure out the love affair between leftists and islamists.. because in the end, the radical islamists would want them dead or converted and i can’t imagine leftists converting.

  • The hardcore left is desparately searching for some raison d’etre, they would seek allaince with Satan if they thought it would forward their agenda.. though it is rumoured that Satan is not sufficiently Anti-American for the lefts taste.

  • incognito….thats what I’ve been saying all along. These young academia hippies with thier I support the Intifada T-shirts and Guy Fawkes masks would be killed upon sight in Syria.

  • Hey great reporting.

    I would luv to go up and attend this event just to see and hear these freaks and take some good pictures of the players for the web.

  • i want to puke every time i hear about these moonbats

  • I would love to go to this – it sounds like a “semantically target rich environment” – I reckon I’d be thrown out before the end of the first day …

  • Pongo

    I do so enjoy reading your blog, especially when you castigate that obnoxious champagne socialist Judy Rebick. Rebick, as you may know already, resides in a feminist socialist collective of one, in a Victorian mansion in the Annex, one of Toronto’s poshest districts. She has amassed quite a personal fortune peddling the virtues of feminism and socialism to the denizens of the left-wing fringe, typically jetting around the world in business class to do so.

    Despite failed attempts to assume leadership of the NDP and the failure of her New Politics Initiative, it looks as though she has finally succeeded in screeching the NDP into irrelevance through the installation of Taliban Jack Layton as leader of the federal NDP.

    Frankly, I do not think there is enough fabric to be found to fashion a burka big enough to cover Rebick, although this would certainly serve as a beauty treatment.

  • John Palubiski

    That was a pretty good round-up of the usual and not-so-usual suspects.

    Just goes to who how eliminating 75% of the couintry’s soft humanities programmes would help the quality of higher education in Canada

    As for Judy Rebick; she’s one gal that could really use a full burka. ….if only to improve Toronto’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Pongo & John P- thanks for the comments- definitely up for consideration in the Rebick Hall of Shame!

  • Wow, good to see this lot of cretins exposed for what they are. What amuses me is the use of the word resistance. What exactly are they resisting?

    Sense, reason, intelligence, decency?

  • John Palubiski

    Uh, that second sentence should’ve read; “just goes to show”

    Anyone remember Rebbick’s 90s CBC, tax-payer funded talkshow “Straight From The Hip”?

    People say the set was so crowded it promtped the current mania for the wide-screen format. You see, even when the camera pulled back back to Oshawa, they still couldn’t get her all in.

    She had hundreds of guests, but not one of them was a man. Men have a penis, that’s why.

    Although, the jury is still out on the sex of the host(ess)

    On one broadcast ( “BROADcast” isn’t sexist, is it?) a guest, a female I think, asked her if she’d ever thought of having children.

    Judy was visibly irked by such impertenance; having children, you see, would involve contact, however ephemeral, with a stiff boner.

    No wonder N. Korea’s No-Dong nukes are so popular with this crowd.

  • Anonymous

    Uh what does haters of Israel have to do with this? Do you throw that into every post like an insurance policy or something? Maybe it is due to illusions of grandeur or an inferiority complex or massive paranoia? Otherwise soldier on.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Don’t argue with Anonymous. He’s obviously taken Psych 101!

  • Lions & Tigers & Bears! Oh My! Illusions of Grandeur? Anon could not have passed Psych 101.

  • GREAT POSTING!!! Looks like good DECENT Canadians like you folks are now finally getting a clue! The world might someday become a better place for ALL people EVERYWHERE – now that THINKING people behind the Maple Syrup Curtain (as well as most of the free world) are seeing the truth of matters for a change. True peace brought about by the good kind of TRADITIONAL decent Canadians (as opposed to the violence being peddled and promoted by the hate filled, Corrupt Communist Castro-ian TurdHo-ist, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-American, anti-Canadian, anti-normal/decent people, yup…those hate filled phreaks & those TRUE BELIEVERS & DISCIPLES OF DOOOM of the NDeeP and Lieberal Partyquais…the HATE WHITE NORTH’S…cough, cough, “tolerant”…cough cough, “peace activists”…urp…urrghl…hurrrl….bluurreeechuuuhhhgh…) wow…
    is SANITY finally returning to Canada these days??? COULD IT BE??? We’ll see I suppose…cheers to you all, and here’s wishing you luck in your fight against your Leftista Canadien Communist/Jihadis. We’ll keep up our own fight against the rest of the world’s Communist/Jihadis in the meantime. Know we’re there for you if ever needed my good CANADIAN friends. It’s the decent people like you we have not forgotten and try to keep in mind as we have gone about pulling the knives out of our backs so “lovingly/peacefully/tolerantly” so placed by your “enlightened/prgressive” countrymen and women these past 5 years or so…

    Don Q.