History’s Losers Unite II

Welcome to all the visitors from Little Green Footballs, RelapsedCatholic , Damian Penny & Frontpagemag. Thanks for the Links Guys.

The comments at LGF are hilarious, among my favourites:

By Truth Dr. “Looking for the positives out of this whole thing — I’d say the Islamofascists would pick up a lot more supporters if they were to put Judy Rebick in a burka.”

By Aussie Infidel “Will there be street theatre and ….CLOWNS….. Please tell me that there will be no clowns! 🙂 … well at least the ones with painted faces!

Sadly Aussie no clowns but you are invited to – a “Marxist Gala”, complete with vegetarian buffet and “Resistance thru Modern Dance”.