History’s Losers Unite II

Welcome to all the visitors from Little Green Footballs, RelapsedCatholic , Damian Penny & Frontpagemag. Thanks for the Links Guys.

The comments at LGF are hilarious, among my favourites:

By Truth Dr. “Looking for the positives out of this whole thing — I’d say the Islamofascists would pick up a lot more supporters if they were to put Judy Rebick in a burka.”

By Aussie Infidel “Will there be street theatre and ….CLOWNS….. Please tell me that there will be no clowns! 🙂 … well at least the ones with painted faces!

Sadly Aussie no clowns but you are invited to – a “Marxist Gala”, complete with vegetarian buffet and “Resistance thru Modern Dance”.

  • I thought the shaved armpits was the best! But maybe I can relate to that one ‘cos I’m female.

    And “Vegetarian Buffet”…. what galls me the most about the leftists is that they’ve hijacked the whole concept of ‘vegetarianism’… there are plenty of us rational, clear-headed, non-leftie vegetarians out there.

  • I hear ya! you are right the armpits comment is a keeper..