“Stop being juveniles,” a Lindsay aide, Donald Evans, admonished a construction worker. “What do you mean, being a juvenile?” he replied, punching Mr. Evans on the chin.On May 8, 1970, New York mayor John Lindsay order that all flags on city buildings lowered to half staff, in memory of the students who’d died in the Kent State shootings four days earlier.Construction workers at the World Trade Center building site got wind of the plan. When anti-war protester assembled at the George Washington statue on Wall Street that day — complete with Viet Cong flags — suits and hard hats joined forces against the hippies, in one of the weirdest 70s events you’ve never heard of: the Hard Hat Riot.

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I agree this would make a good film.

Blogging has been light, little things keep gettin in the way, like work and making me Sainted Irish Ma tea, and lots of it…

  • Interesting… particularly the bit about the white collar workers joining. Things have changed.

    Hope Ma is doing well.. keep that tea nice and hot.

  • It is an interesting bit of overlooked history. A second “Woodstock” also took place, a Christian one that was in fact larger but was simply not deemed newsworthy by the press of the day.

  • Never heard of the Christian Woodstock.. wow.

  • I was in Viet Nam at that time. When our company commander assembled us to inform us of what had happened at Kent State, the entire company broke into spontaneous cheers. Our officers tried to suggest that we should be more sympathetic and not cheer, but we could tell by their grins what they thought too.

  • That is an amazing story rurik,thanx!

  • Having been born in 1972, I received most of my history lessons through the filter of time. I’ve never heard of any of these things. It would be timely for someone to produce a movie…but I’m afraid its the left driving Hollywood. Just ask Incognito.

  • No kiddin Papa J, we have all missed a great deal, Vietnam for instance – Stolen Valor is an excellent book that will change your POV on that war.