Jihad Unspun – Canada Produces World Class Dhimmi Bitch or CIA Front??

I am ashamed that A Canadian Woman, Bev Giesbrecht, is founder and publisher of this site – Jihad Unspun Unless of course she is a Front for the CIA!!

My name is Khadija Abdul Qahaar and I am the owner and publisher of Jihad Unspun. I am Muslim, who like many others, embraced Islam as the result of 911.
Many of our viewers will know me as Bev Kennedy and Paul Morris-Read, the pen names I have used on this portal, a necessary precaution particularly in the early days of publishing this portal, due to the nature of our work. I have chosen this occasion of 911 to tell my story, as two years on, I sense the tide is turning and it is my hope that this will inspire others to Islam and to take a stand against this shameful war on “terrorism”.

I am not a “terrorist”, a fanatic or mentally off-balance. On the contrary, I am a level-headed, capable woman, a humanitarian and a contributing member of society. In my former life, I was Bev Giesbrecht, Canadian publishing entrepreneur and in later years, also web developer. I have built several Canadian and Pacific Northwest Coast business magazines that have earned me the respect of my peers and I have founded a variety of successful products, software programs and web sites that have benefited others.

She is likely nothing more than a Dhimmi Bitch apologist for Islamofascist terror – A Trio of Disinformers: Islam Memo, Muhammad Abu Nasr, and Jihad Unspun; Obscure Web sites play major role in disinformation . But only The Shadow knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men….

“A trio of obscure Web sites and individuals has combined to spread deliberate disinformation, particularly about U.S. actions in Iraq. The entities involved are Islam Memo (Islammemo.cc), Muhammad Abu Nasr, and Jihad Unspun(jihadunspun.net).

Most of the disinformation appears to originate with Islam Memo, which is a pro-al Qaeda, pro-Iraqi insurgency, Arabic-language Web site based in Saudi Arabia.

Muhammad Abu Nasr, co-editor of the Free Arab Voice Web site (freearabvoice.org), translates material from Islam Memo into English and posts it as “Iraqi Resistance Reports” on his Web site.Jihad Unspun publishes selected articles by Muhammad Abu Nasr, giving them a broader audience.This trio of Web sites and individuals has attempted to launch many disinformation stories. Most have fizzled out without any great impact, but some have spread more widely.”

Oh Canada, my heart aches for thee… Here is an online interview with Bev, the comments are both funny and nutty- as in Islamofascist nutty.