A Message From The Hegemony’s Head Office. .

Terry Glavin, better known to friends & family as Gatekeeper of the Ziocon False Flag Hegemony, in honour of St. Patricks Day (I think) charms us with the following: A Message From The Hegemony’s Head Office. .

It is a blistering ( and very funny) account of recent resolutions put forward by the Canadian Peace Alliance reworked and put in their proper context as only an Irishman could do.


2. This is too funny (ní féidir a shéanadh): Right after the resolution calling for “anti-war” rallies across Canada, delegates voted to urge all CPA member groups to attend a conference of “the global anti-war movement” in Cairo later this month, which is really a strategy session with the well-known pacifist groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

Read the whole thing as they say – he also links to Ian Kings article, another good read on the same subject.