Canada’s Muslims, an international comparison – Only 91,000 Canuck Muslims Identify with Extremist Islamic Fundamentalists!

Courtesy of The CCCBC: Only the CBC could choose to paint a multi-cult happy face on these poll results.

Is it just me or does no one else find these poll results disturbing?

Percent who feel there is a struggle in their country between moderate muslims and fundamentalist extremists:

Muslims In: Canada Britain Germany France

Yes :————40——58—— 49——56


Percent who identify with moderates or extremists in this struggle

Muslims In: Canada Britain Germany France



According to the Canadian Society of Muslims: “Statistics Canada reports that 253,260 Canadians identified themselves as Muslims (0.9% of the total population) during the 1991 census. Some estimated that there were as many as 500,000 Muslims in Canada. Today (.2001) there are an estimated 650,000 Muslims in Canada. “

Bravo for the 80% of Canadian muslims who side with the moderates, however what about the 14% that side with the Extremists? That 14% represents 91,000 “Extremist Sympathisers” out of the most recent muslim population estimate of 650,000 resident Canadian muslims.

And what are we to make of the 40% of muslims who state that a struggle exists between moderate and fundamentalist Islam versus the 50% who claim no such struggle exists? How do these figures jibe with the 80% of muslims polled who claim they identify with the moderates? One possible answer is that the 50% who claim no struggle exists between moderate and fundamentalist Islam do so because they perceive no distinction between the moderate and extremist factions. Do they consider ‘mainstream” what others characterize as extremist?

Somehow this just doesn’t strike me as the “GOOD NEWS” kinda poll our CCCBC makes it out to be.

  • Woah..those are scary statistics! Is there any consolation that the Brits beat you in the identifying with extremists category? Yeah I know, consolation of fools.

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