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Trudeau Is Still Stupid

It’s a congenital thing:

“We should be past tolerance in Canada,” Trudeau said. “In Canada, can we speak of acceptance, openness, friendship, understanding? It is about where we are going and what we are going through every day in our diverse and rich communities.”

These are the same “diverse and rich communities” that Trudeau refused to call “barbaric” and do this to women who don’t cover up:

What Dano threw at her was sulfuric acid that melted her eyes to the sockets and left little of her face. Her nose and lips also disintegrated and one of her ears was severely disfigured. At the time, she was only fifteen, and her life would be changed forever.”


Equally worried about the growth of the pro-Sharia campaign is Alan Craig, a former Newham councillor who has lived in East London for 30 years. He says: ‘This is the public tip of a hidden iceberg.’

He points to the example of street advertisements featuring girls in swimsuits, which are regularly blacked out by Islamic activists who paint burkhas over the models’ bodies. He says Muslim women have also been threatened with violence for not wearing burkhas.


Women are not entitled to respect when they walk around without a Hijab. They are to blame for it when they are attacked,” Imam Shahid Mehdi said.

“All the crimes that occur against women is because they are not covered. When they are not covered, you have no respect for them. “

“She disobeys her master, there are two places in the Qur’an has ordered her to cover themselves (…) Women make a clean society dirty when they walk around without a Hijab. They are not entitled to respect and are not valuable as those who wear a Hijab. “

PM Trulander can play the ‘diverse” community card until his blue blood turns bluer. At the end of the day, he is much like his father in his views of women: anything goes as long as he gets his way (mouths shut and so forth).

No real man would defend this misogynistic thumb-in-the-eye-of-the-culture-at-large. A real man would have principles, not a voters base to exploit.

Also: Trudeau upstages a dying man and will do so at his funeral, too.


Gord Downie’s dad didn’t give him a band.

Trudeau Rewards His Friends

Liberal voters want this:

It’s no secret that Unifor had a hand in getting Trudeau elected. We know they spent at least $300,000 during the election and were also one of the main backers of Engage Canada, the U.S. style Super Pac that ran attack ads against the Conservatives, possibly spending upwards of $1M.

And Trudeau’s not really hiding his appreciation essentially admitting upfront that he was paying them back for the help they gave him to get elected.

Justin PM Useful Idiot

Barbara Kay: How dignity lost its shirt in high office

Justin Trudeau, still pumped from Gay Pride Parade.

Justin Trudeau, still pumped from the Gay Pride Parade.

An Ontario family, out camping in Gatineau Park near Ottawa last weekend, was startled to cross paths with the Prime Minister and his family enjoying a cave-exploration excursion. As is his wont, Justin Trudeau greeted the Godby family members with affability and enthusiasm. And then he posed for the now-obligatory selfie with one of the Godby children.

It apparently did not occur to Trudeau to ask his excited young fan to wait a moment while he put on a shirt.

trudeau is a complete idiot

Syrian refugee marches beside Justin Trudeau in Canadian pride parade

While Justin Trudeau was waving to the crowds and pausing for selfies as Canada’s first prime minister to march in a gay pride parade on Sunday, Bassel Mcleash was walking quietly alongside him trying to summon the courage to speak to the leader of his new country.

The 29-year-old Syrian refugee had hoped to catch a glimpse of Trudeau during the parade, and had even planned what he might say to him. “I wanted to tell him thank you, that I’m Syrian, I arrived here a month ago,” he said.

“Syrian refugee” who marched with Trudeau at Pride is HIV-positive — but Immigration approved him?

pestilence war and death

‘Three Amigos’ Obama, Trudeau and Nieto attempt awkward three-way handshake

The leaders, referred to as the “Three Amigos”, were convening the summit intended to reaffirm their close cooperation on security, the environment and trade at a time of rising extremist threats around the globe and isolationist calls in the American presidential campaign.

Pestilence, War, and Famine. If only Merkel were there to complete the scene.

Obama Speaks in the House of Commons

Oh, for the love of crumb-cake:

U.S. President Barack Obama gave what many observers instantly deemed to be one of his most powerful speeches to the Parliament of Canada today – but between all the praise, he also worked in a point about Canadian defence spending.

Pivoting quickly from a press conference at the North American Leaders’ Summit alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Obama’s long, snaking motorcade headed to Parliament Hill to address a joint session of the House of Commons and the Senate.

Obama’s speech – the first such address by a U.S. president since Bill Clinton in 1995 – began lightly with references to Canadiana before shifting into a passionate defence of liberal internationalism. Along the way he touched on environmental issues, poverty, terrorism and extremism. By the time it was over, he had more than captured the imagination of those in attendance.

They showered him with applause, cries of support and even chants of “four more years!”

“We could not ask for a better friend or ally than Canada,” said Obama to thunderous applause. “We do not take it for granted.”

(Sidebar: Barry didn’t say that when Harper was running things.)


Why in the name of almighty Worf hasn’t this @$$hole (and his Canadian hand-puppet counterpart) been kicked out of office?

Nanny-Gate: One of Trudeau’s Nannies Gets the Boot

Let the guessing game begin!

Come Canada Day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s family will be down to one publicly funded nanny.

A cabinet decision released Tuesday shows that Marylou Trayvilla, who has worked for the family since before Trudeau became prime minister, will be off the public payroll on July 1.

The notice posted to the Privy Council Office website gives no reason for the dismissal. The Prime Minister’s Office says the family will seek a replacement to watch after their three children, but won’t be asking taxpayers to pick up the bill.

Spokesman Olivier Duchesneau said the Trudeaus plan to hire a caregiver and pay the salary out of their own pockets.

He says the status of the other nanny, Marian Pueyo, remains unchanged.

Trayvilla and Pueyo were hired as special assistants under the Official Residences Act to watch the Trudeau’s children — Xavier, 8, Ella-Grace, 7, and two-year-old Hadrien — and provide other duties around the prime minister’s official residence.

The duo were each paid between $15-$20 an hour during the day and $11-$13 at night, a fee nanny associations previously said reflects the average rate.

The hires prompted howls of outrage from the opposition, considering how aggressively Trudeau assailed the Conservatives for a universal child care benefit that helped to enrich already-wealthy families, his own included.


The Race Is Not Always to the Swift of Mind

“My article “How Smart Is Justin Trudeau,” posted here, in which I argued that the Canadian PM is a posturing showboat whose credentials can only be described as risible, provoked a robust response. Most of my correspondents and commenters were (and are) aware that Trudeau is an intellectual nonentity who relies on a combination of superficial charm and media adulation, much like Barack Obama (Trudeau has been called “Obama North”), in order to sway a credulous electorate.

Naturally, there have been a number of dissenters, who reacted by praising Trudeau for having won the election, as if this were evidence of high intelligence, as well as approving of his legislative record. Much of the commentary struck me as malingering at approximately the same level as Trudeau’s embarrassing ineptitude.”

PM Selfie’s vanishing act

Anything we could say about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau banning all journalists except New York-based Vice Media from his historic visit to the remote Shoal Lake 40 First Nation reserve Thursday would sound self-serving.

But when you ban the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) and The Canadian Press wire service, representing all major Canadian media, it shows arrogance and poor judgment.

Justin kardashian press release

How has Justin Trudeau changed Canada six months after being elected?

trudeau boxing practice

Since Trudeau was sworn into office around six months ago he’s also caught headlines with his bold views on everything from feminism to climate change. Some have even dubbed him the next Barack Obama and Trudeau has landed a spot on Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world.

Please include your name, address, and party affiliation with the survey.

How Smart Is Justin Trudeau?

Liberal BS No. 2

LPC sticker campaign re-do.

“…The truth is, I suspect, that Trudeau’s public performances in the physical and intellectual domains, as well as his documented appeal to female effusiveness, is a vivid expression of his followers’ utter lack of political sobriety, intellectual acumen and emotional maturity. That a country could give its support and a 66 per cent approval rating to a preening charlatan boggles the mind and beggars the imagination—or would, if Americans had not done the same with a smooth-talking ignoramus like Barack Obama, who thinks the U.S. consists of 57 states and that Austrians speak Austrian.”

Justin Trudeau PM Useful Idiot

When you’ve lost Gawker… Justin Trudeau’s Quantum Computing Explanation Was Likely Staged for Publicity

Justin Trudeau, the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada, received a wave of universally positive press last week after he appeared to explain the mechanics of quantum computing in an impromptu answer during a press conference held at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario. Trudeau’s remarkably erudite explanation, captured in an instantaneously viral video, suggested a deep personal interest in the subject, one unrelated to any obvious publicity benefits. According to the sharp-eyed Canadian blogger J.J. McCullough, however, everything about the press conference—the setting, the question, and the answer—was choreographed by Trudeau himself.

And Jezebel…

Idiot thinks Prime Minister Trulander can explain quantum computing

This idiot:

Brazilian Columnist Calls Trudeau “Ordinary”

How charitable.

I would have called him an ugly mouth-breathing thief and chauvinist just like his dad.

But I’m too nice.

Veja columnist Vilma Gryzinski’s criticism is loosely hinged on the 2014 Quebec film “God Save Justin Trudeau,” which focuses on Trudeau’s 2012 charity boxing match with Sen. Patrick Brazeau.

Gryzinski pulls no punches when she refers to Trudeau as “the embodiment of vaguely leftist and confusingly well-intentioned liberalist dreams, a handsome guy who shamelessly shows off his physique and preens for photos in yoga poses.”

The former executive editor goes so far to as to say Trudeau supports terrorism because he welcomes Muslim immigrants, has attended mosques and worn traditional outfits.  

She says the Islamic State praised Trudeau’s election, maybe because he stopped Canada from participating in airstrikes against the caliphate.

The column rakes his mother Margaret Trudeau over the coals for her drug use and affairs when married to Pierre Trudeau and says she later “abandoned her children.”

Justin Trudeau’s wife, children and his hair are the only things spared from Gryzinski’s critiques.

Canada’s media gets a jab from Gryzinski too, referred to as “sycophants” who show Trudeau a “self-destructive deference.”

Her column ignores the many problems in Brazil’s own government, which Stephanie Nolen from the Globe and Mail points out includes an imminent presidential impeachment and likely impeachment for the vice-president.

Gryzinski ends the column with a softer tone, saying that Canada may be boring, but it’s so well organized that even Trudeau won’t be able to screw it up.

Oh, Mr. Ordinary will try, Miss Gyzinski.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau plans to bare all for gay magazine – becoming first world leader to appear in a nude cover shoot


  • Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is planning to pose for a nude photoshoot
  • Trudeau will be the first world leader to appear in such a cover shoot after he reportedly accepted a preliminary bid from a gay magazine
  • The offer was also extended to President Barack Obama, UK PM David Cameron, and EU President Jean-Claude Juncker 

Stacking That Voters Base

It’s not only Syrian migrants who can form a massive voters block for the Liberals; now, the average prole can, too:

Justin Trudeau is pushing a proposed new constitution for the Liberal Party of Canada aimed at transforming the federal party from an exclusive club into a wide-open political movement.

The proposal, adopted Saturday by the party’s national board during a three-hour meeting with the prime minister in Halifax, would do away entirely with the long-held principle that only dues-paying, card-carrying members are entitled to take part in party activities.

Indeed, there would no longer be any party members. Instead, anyone willing to register with the party — for free — would be eligible to participate in policy development, nomination of candidates, party conventions and the selection of future leaders.

Yes, the Laurentian elite may have rub elbows the unwashed masses but think of the taxes they can exploit with all those seats they could win!

Justin and Woman beheaded in Saudi

Patrick West on Justin Trudeau: ‘Never trust a man who says he’s a feminist’

Trudeau is a good-looking chap, and that he has marked himself to be a compassionate feminist must make him the tastiest catch in geopolitics today. Right, ladies?
Wrong. Never trust a man who says he’s a feminist. The words ‘I’m a feminist’ uttered from the mouths of males is up there with ‘I love refugees in Calais’ and ‘I love the NHS’ in terms of self-regarding attention-seeking masquerading as high-minded altruism. And ‘I’m a feminist’ has an added layer of menace, being the words every young man has tried at least once in an effort to seduce a woman.

The pronouncement is the trademark of creeps.

Daily Affirmations with Justin Trudeau

How Many Terrorist’s Can Dance On The Head Of A Pinhead? – PM Useful idiot Says War with ISIS not a War “War”

Trudeau: Canada is not at war with ISIS

Trudeau, who made his comments during a CBC Radio interview, and Dion – speaking Wednesday in the House of Commons foyer – both said the conflict with the Islamic State (ISIS), which claimed the Brussels attacks, not fit the true definition of war.

“A war is something that can be won by one side or the other and there is no path for ISIL to actually win against the West,” Trudeau said, according to The Canadian Press, using the alternative acronym for ISIS.

“They want to destabilize, they want to strike fear. They need to be stamped out.”

Dion suggested the notion of labelling the fight against extremists as an actual war might simply be outdated.

“If you use the terminology ‘war,’ in international law it will mean two armies with respecting rules and it’s not the case at all,” Dion was quoted as having said.

“You have terrorist groups that respect nothing. So we prefer to say that it’s a fight,” he added.


Now we know – WW II was technically a “fight” & not a war according to Deep Liberal Thinker Stephane Dion – Nazis didn’t respect the rules either.