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How Bad Is The Media’s Trump BASHING?

We all know that the media is biased against Donald Trump, but did you know that their stories favored Hillary Clinton over 90 percent of the time?

The Media Research Center has analyzed 12 weeks of mainstream media coverage of the election campaign and the results, while not exactly shocking to conservatives, are depressing — remember, million of Americans still get their news from these outlets…

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

The Democratic Party at Prayer

The problem with the “Jewish Vote”

Every presidential election produces a series of articles probing and prophesizing about the so-called “Jewish vote.” This year has been no different, with most observers agreeing that the majority of Jewish-Americans will vote Democratic.

Why are the ballots cast by Jewish-Americans, just 2 percent of the population, of such importance to politicians (and would-be politicians)? First, relative to their community’s small size, Jews contribute a disproportionate amount of money to political candidates and causes. They give half of the funds received by the Democratic Party and one quarter of the funds received by the Republican Party, according to American history professor Gil Troy. Second, many Jews live in the swing states of Florida (846,700 of 19.9 million), Pennsylvania (324,700 of 12.8 million), Ohio (173,700 of 11.6 million), and Michigan (105,200 of 9.9 million). And third, Jews tout a stellar turnout record—80 percent, on the word of several sources.


‘250 children were kneaded to death in bread machines and men were baked in an oven’

A distraught mother has relived the horrors of the brutal rule of ISIS and revealed how the extremist group would ‘knead children to death in bakery machines’.

Alice Assaf said her son was killed ‘because he was called George’ and refused to identify himself by a Muslim name.

Ms Assaf claims ISIS slaughtered Christians in Syria, kneading children to death in bread machines and ‘baking men in ovens’.


A New Target for Old Spies: Congress

There was dark talk of treason at an annual gathering of spooks in Washington, D.C., over Congress’ refusal to honor the World War II generation—but also word of a behind-the-scenes plot to save the measure.

“I think we’ve found a new target to blow up,” joked Charles Pinck of the Republican House leadership’s refusal to pass a bill that would award all members of the OSS a Congressional Gold Medal. Pinck is president of the Office of Strategic Services Society, and son of a former member of the OSS.


Launch of the RCMP Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Quebec wishes to inform the public of a new national security awareness tool now available to everyone: the Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide.

This guide is intended for first responders, parents, colleagues or friends of persons at risk alike and is meant to help the reader to better understand and recognize the growing phenomenon of radicalization to violence.

It contains a host of information, including indicators of radicalization and early signs of a terrorist attack. It also explains the phenomenon of radicalization to violence and provides contact information for local agencies (government and non-government) to which you can ask for assistance or report suspicious behaviours.

You can read the guide here.

From the guide it would appear that both Left and Right wing extremism are threats equal to that posed by Islam. Normal people know this to be a lie and also know that our political masters are habitual liars promoting a fairy-tale version of Islam.

You’ll note that Islam is only ever mentioned in terms of banned terror groups of which a significant listing is provided. There are 54 “banned terrorist entities” in the list, 44 of which are Muslim terrorist groups however the RCMP is quick to remind us that “Extremism” is “Diverse”.

Mosques are mentioned 4 times, and only in the context of being targets of “right wing extremism”.

The Koran is mentioned 6 times, 4 of which are statements describing the desire of specific Muslim terrorist groups to apply its teachings in a literal manner, which oddly enough is what Islam itself dictates in no uncertain terms. Mein Kamph gets a mention as a hate book, so should the Koran.

The RCMP definition of JIHADArabic for “Struggle.” Interpretations range from a personal effort to live according to Islam to defending Islam by means of an armed struggle in the name of Allah to establish Islam. Got that? All those many thousands of terror attacks, that daily litany of horror that Islam visits upon the Earth, have been “defensive” actions like 911, The Bataclan, Nice, Brussels, Charlie Hebdo, etc etc etc ad infinitum…

I got a kick out of the photo illustrating “Left Wing Extremism”. Note the “extremist” is sporting a Kaffiyeh. Pity the guide did not expand on the links between the Left and Islam.



RCMP Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide


American Support For An Assault Weapons Ban Just Hit A Record Low

A new poll from Gallup shows that support for the so-called assault weapons ban just hit a record low of 36 percent.

Support for a so-called assault weapons ban in the U.S. just hit a record low of 36 percent, according to a new Gallup poll released on Wednesday. The poll showed that 61 percent of American adults now oppose a ban. That level of opposition is the highest ever recorded.


The Goldwater Takedown

Media coverage of the 1964 presidential campaign was a precursor to today’s partisan journalism.

At the height of the 1964 race between Arizona’s junior senator, Barry Goldwater, and President Lyndon Johnson, the cover headline of Fact magazine’s September–October issue practically screamed: 1,189 PSYCHIATRISTS SAY GOLDWATER IS PSYCHOLOGICALLY UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT! Inside, every page was given over to the feature, titled “The Unconscious of a Conservative: A Special Issue on the Mind of Barry Goldwater.”

December 1975, Los Angeles, California, USA --- American actress, writer, and political activist Jane Fonda with her husband, politician and candidate to the Senate Tom Hayden and their son Troy Garity. --- Image by © Jim McHugh/Sygma/Corbis

Tom Hayden: From SDS and Viet Cong to Progressives for Obama

Tom Hayden, the Vietnam War protester and SDS founder, died this past weekend at age 76.

Hayden’s journey was in many ways tragic. Born December 1939 in the Detroit suburbs, he was not, unlike many radical leaders, a red-diaper baby. His parents were Irish Catholics who named him after St. Thomas Aquinas and sent him to Catholic school. His father was a Marine who worked for Chrysler, and an abusive drunk. Hayden’s parents had a rocky marriage and divorced when he was a boy, which affected him terribly. Hayden’s friend and ex-radical, David Horowitz, observed that Hayden harbored what Irving Howe once described as an “obscure personal rage,” possibly from his estrangement from his father. “Tom was indeed an angry man,” wrote Horowitz, “who seemed in perpetual search of enemies.”

Merkel - Take your Muslims with you and get lost

Muslim screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ bursts into a wedding in a German church and tears down decorations

A newlywed couple have claimed their big day was ruined when a man burst inside the church shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and then started tearing down wedding decorations.

Groom Marcel Lohbeck, 35, and bride Friederike were celebrating their wedding with 90 guests in the Karmel Church in Duisburg, a city in western Germany.

Lochbeck said: ‘At the beginning of the ceremony, a man with a thick jumper and a hat on came into the church and sat in the back row.

‘Shortly afterwards, he stood up and wandered around the candles. He laughed in a disturbing manner and then fondled the statue of Mary.