Evening photos

(1) Streams and stars (Norway) by Ole Henrik Skjelstad

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(2) Autumn (St Petersburg, Russia) by Ed Gordeevoct19-autumn-st-petersburg

(3) Ancient One (New Zealand) by William Patinooct19-tree-nz-rain-forest

(4) Karina (Turkey) by Nejdet Duzenoct19-karina-turkey

(5) Cenarth in colour (Wales) by Alan Colesoct19-cenarth-wales

(6) Autumn Whites by Kimber Leighoct19-flowers

(7) Mystical dawn (Costa Brava, Spain) by Jose Orozcooct19-mystical-dawn

(8) Autumn forest by Alexandr Syachinoct19-autumn-forest

(9) Mount Saint Helens at Hummocks Trail (Washington) by Steve G. Bisigoct19-mt-st-helens

(10) Lightening over Tuscany (Italy) by ✅ Luca Michelioct19-lightening-tuscany

(11) Yosemite Creek (California) by Eddie Takahashioct19-yosemite-creek

(12) Château Chenonceaux (France) by Holger Schwarzoct19-french-chateau

(13) Autumn lane (Netherlands) by Renso Profijtoct19-autumn-lane

(14) Magic light (Azerbaijan) by Emil Qazioct19-magic-light-azerbaijan

(15) Santa Maria river sunset (Venice, Italy) by Riccardo Govonioct19-santa-maria-river-sunset

(16) Chaffinch Island (Connecticut) by Alan Shulikoct19-chaffinch-island-connecticut

(17) Jasper (Alberta) by Jeff Clowoct19-jasper-alberta

(18) Walk in the woods (no location given) by Patrice Thomasoct19-walk-in-fall-forest

(19) Lake Tekapo (New Zealand) by Christian Limoct19-lake-tekapo-nz

(20) Santa Maddalena (Dolomites, Italy) by Kilian Schönbergeroct19-santa-maddalena-dolomites

(21) Kinderdijk (Netherlands) by Remo Scarfòoct19-kinderdijk-netherlands

(22) Hard winter (Romania) by Adrian Petrisoroct19-hard-winter-romania

(23) Lothlorien (place in Tolkein’s books) (Hungary) by Oliver Leicheroct19-lothlorien-hungary

(24) Magic of the Night (Lapland) by Lauri Lohioct19-magic-night-aurora-lapland


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  • Slickfoot The Deplorable

    Another fine selection.