Evening photos

(1) Lake Placid Autumn (New York) by Magda Bognar

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(2) Bohemian Forest in Sunny Summer Morning Mist (Czech Rep) by Marek Boguszakoct15-bohemian-forest

(3) End of summer (Slovenia) by Peter Zajfridoct15-end-of-summer-slovenia

(4) The foggy light (Taiwan) by Hanson Mao(毛延延)oct15-foggy-taiwan

(5) Námafjall Hverir (geothermal area in Iceland) by Yiannis Pavlisoct15-iceland

(6) Morning light on a country road (Lithuania) by RE~gi~NAoct15-country-road-lithuania

(7) Winter scene (Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado) by Richard Hahnoct15-snow-rocky-mountain-np

(8) Fall forest (Netherlands) by Jan – Herman Visseroct15-fall-forest

(9) Mont Cenis (France) by Álvaro y Jose Manuel Pérez Alonso. Brothersoct15-mont-cenis-france

(10) Vanilla Dream by Kimber Leighoct15-white-flowers

(11) Lavender fields at sunrise (Provence, France) by Angela Chongoct15-lavender-field-sunrise-france

(12) Into the fog (near Kamloops, BC) by Raul Weisseroct15-into-the-fog-kamloops

(13) Tram (Lisbon, Portugal) by Uxío Rivasoct15-tram-lisbon

(14) Tutka Bay (Alaska) by Alex Strohloct15-tutka-bay-alaska

(15) Fall Beech Forest (Italy) by Alessandro Scendonioct15-fall-beech-forest-italy

(16) Who Said That Night Was Dark? (New Zealand) by Jordan McInallyoct15-stars-city-lights-nz

(17) Autumn in California by TrieuHuong Nguyenoct15-autumn-california

(18) Spirit Island (Banff, Alberta) by David C. Schultzoct15-spirit-island-banff

(19) First snow in the Italian Alps by Barbara Seiberl-Starkoct15-fall-colors-italy

(20) Saskatchewan Lake Storm by Mark Duffyoct15-saskatchewan-lake-storm

(21) Tromsø City (Norway) by Yngve Blomsøoct15-tromso-city-norway

(22) Tuscany country (Italy) by Yoris Velcichoct15-tuscany

(23) Dance Macabre (Netherlands) by Lars van de Gooroct15-blue-light-forest

(24) Incoming Storm (Taiwan) by Cola Liouoct15-incoming-storm


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