Burkini whale

Ten women kicked off Cannes beach and fined for wearing burkinis

Ten women including young mothers and grandmothers have become the first to be criminalised for wearing burkinis on a French beach, it emerged today.

All were reprimanded by police officers in the Riviera resort of Cannes, and forced to leave the sand.

Four were fined the equivalent of £32, while all received ‘warnings’ that will now technically form part of their criminal records.

The Hijab, Niqab and the Burkini are political statements by a supremacist cult, they have no place in civilized society.

  • Reader
    • JoKeR

      What’s the problem with burkinis?

      If those women wearing them were to take them off on the beach, I am sure most of us would be shouting, “put them back on! Please put them back on!” when we see that they are so ugly!

  • H
    • Alain

      Not that I disagree, but consider that Canada cannot even muster the honesty and courage to take that wee step.

  • John

    So the ladies can no longer wear their gang-colors on the beach. Good.

  • JoKeR

    Is that what that is?

    I thought it was some creature from a Stephen King novel headed back to its home, out in the deep sea!

  • Alain

    Yes, it is always about making a political statement (giving the host country and its citizens the finger).

  • Good.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There is a safety factor involved in that the wearers might be mistaken for beached whales.

  • Mike Smith

    The picture looks scary, might be mistaken for a shark. Looks a bit like a black concorde emerging from the deep! There is nothing wrong with wearing a full body swimsuit with a cover-up robe, This is a political statement by brainwashed and oppressed women….

  • G2

    Has anyone ever seen a picture of a sharmuta in a burkini at a beach in Saudi or Pakistan or anywhere else in the ummah? I’m pretty sure they don’t have prayer rooms in airports or workplaces any place in dar al islam either. I may be wrong, but I think not.

    • Alain

      When I lived and worked in a Muslim country there were no prayer rooms in the schools and university, nor were street blocked for “prayer” You are also correct about the airport and workplaces. Also I should add that school and work continued during ramadam and none complained.