Velika Kladuša, Bosnia and Herzegovina - February 5, 2016:  View of the outskirts of the Velika Kladuša city from the Stari Grad. ( Photo by Matic Zorman for Der Speigel )

Sharia Villages: Bosnia’s Islamic State Problem

Radical Islamists have found a new refuge in Bosnia. They recruit fighters, promote jihad and preach a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam — just across the border from the European Union.

Almost nothing remains of Ibro. There is just a single childhood photo remaining, an image of a flaxen-haired five-year-old that Ibro’s father scanned so he could always carry it with him on his mobile phone. But no recent pictures are available. Before Ibro left Bosnia to join Islamic State (IS) in 2014, he tore up all the images of himself he could find. His interpretation of Sharia included the belief that images of people were haram — forbidden.

  • pdxnag

    So, they “preach a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam[.]” You mean they teach elementary Islam.