No-go zones exist due to West’s weakness

“…We are in the opening act of worldwide jihad, the second age of the caliphate, a war of cultures and the reconquest. The West did nothing specific to provoke this newest jihad other than not submit.

Islamists have chosen this moment to strike because the West had grown weak of will, soft and decadent. We have torn down those institutions and social norms that made us strong and erected in their place structures of nonsense and narcissism; but, most ominously, we have raised a generation of weaklings obsessing over microaggressions, trigger words and safe spaces, all being led by the “blame America first” generation of the 1960s.”

  • Blacksmith

    This is still not news to those who have been awake for the last few decades.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I have dreamed of the waters of the St Lawrence running red with muslim blood. It was, in its aftermath, an alarmingly exhilarating dream. I know others share my perspectives…..

    • mobuyus

      I have almost that exact same dream but it’s terrorist blood in my dream and I waken rather alarmed at the fouling of the poor old St Lawrence this sort of pollution causes.

      • Justin St.Denis

        The same thing crossed my mind…..

  • no4

    I hate to break it to you, but this article is utter bollocks. These stories of no go zones always appear from across the Atlantic, from people with no idea what they are talking about.
    I lived and worked in Leicester for six months about two years ago. There are 50,000 muslims there, all mainly in the south side of town. I was right in the middle of this area. The idea that the Police, Fire, or refuse collectors couldn’t go there is just ridiculous. There were not many white faces about, no pubs, all the men wore dresses, women usualy had the full veil, there is a mosque every two hundred yards, and the local shop was the “Islamabad Supermarket”. I didn’t enjoy it at all, but the idea it is a no go zone is just incredible. I had no problems what so ever, and to be honest, they seemed much more terrified of me than I was of them.
    I am imagine there are far more suburbs in the USA that make the grade of no go zones .

    • Waffle

      Fair enough, but that was then — how’s it working out now? Like the weather, things can change in a flash. Two years ago is an eternity.

      • no4

        I hate to disappoint you, but nothing has changed. It remains a horrible shit hole but still not a no go zone.

        • mobuyus

          Try walking down the street in a mini skirt with a beer in one hand and a pork sandwich in the other and get back to me.

          • no4

            Is that supposed to be funny? There is a University in the area and plenty of girls go about in miniskirts to town on a night out without any trouble.

          • simus1

            Plenty of girls like you or are you missing a key element?

          • Justin St.Denis

            Girl trolls wear miniskirts and lie, too.

          • mobuyus

            They lie about their 9 inch clitoris.

          • mobuyus

            What University in the area? I think it would be rather funny to see you walk down a street in a no-go zone in a miniskirt with a beer and a pork sandwich. Not funny for you i quess.

        • Being unable to see reality does not make you correct.

          Way too many accounts, articles, and videos document Europe’s no go-zones.

          You may find one Islamic neighborhood where you can still walk without worry. So what. Some parts of Pakistan you can still walk without worry. But it won’t last the way things are going.

          From the Daily Mail

          Trump’s not wrong – we can’t wear uniform in our OWN cars’: Five police officers claim Donald Trump is RIGHT about parts of London being so ‘radicalised’ they are no-go areas

          • Justin St.Denis

            No4 is clearly a progressive plant/troll. There will be others.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            All I need to know about No4 is what I learned living near the corner of Spence and Ellice in downtown Winnipeg for two years.
            They said we should not look down on the people who live in the core area.
            They said a lot of things.
            And then I lived in the core area.
            They were wrong.

    • mobuyus

      A mosk every 200 yards no pubs and men wearing skirts and tented women. That’s a no go zone for me buddy. Try dressing like a cop and try to serve an arrest warrant without a fully para-militarized police force with you.

      • no4

        You have no idea what you are talking about. Unfortunately reality does not coincide with your fantasy

        • Justin St.Denis

          You are a troll. you must be a troll. Only trolls dispute reality.

        • I suggest you take up residence in Malmo or one Frances many Banliiues.

          Maybe wear a kippah while taking a stroll.

      • canminuteman

        Exactly, obviously no one goes there any more or it wouldn’t be monoculturally islamic.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I hate to break it to you, but you are dead wrong. Try going to London, chap, and enjoy the same experience in a London no-go zone. You’ll know you are in one when they start throwing rocks at you.

    • What bunk. Move along you idiot apologist.

      • simus1

        When he forgot to start with “I have always voted Republican/Conservative and …………………………”, there was no longer any air beneath his wings.

    • luna

      Leicester may not have been a no-go zone for non-Muslims, perhaps it still isn’t.

      From the comments:
      As the old Tommy Cooper joke goes………”Doctor, i’ve broken my arm in two places”. “Well! don’t go to those places”.

    • Doug Kursk

      Balderdash. When I was in London a mere 2 years ago, fire crews were attacked with rocks the size of your fist at Tower Hamlets.!

      Peddle your wares elsewhere…

  • Allan

    There are no-go zones because the west is too politically correct. That is their true weakness and maybe their ultimate downfall. If people don’t start demanding from their elected representatives a swift and sure response against islamic ideology where ever and whenever it is found the west is in trouble.

  • canminuteman

    It’s not that we didn’t submit, we are submitting, just not fast enough. And even after we have submitted they’ll need time to kill us all.

  • Doug Kursk

    Here is something to mull over…an acquaintance of mine, a 20 something clear headed woman, who knows what is what, and where we are headed (vis Isam and the coming societal conflict) had this to say: when the time comes, and you must fight for your very existence, those noted as having previously been sympathetic to leftist causes, or Islam (or considered too outside the norm) will be targeted and excluded. If those types of people wish to continue on their tack, they had best be prepared for the true backlash.

    The gloves are ready to come off, folks. This woman gives me hope that there are many more like her, undeclared and silent in their convictions.

  • Gary

    Over 50% of the Population in regent park are muslims while we hwve seen the Rec Centre being taken over by them and they enforce Sharia Law for the Pool to dictate to Canadians when they can use it and how to dress.

    This Master-Race had no-go Zones that the Police refuse to talk about and John Tory WON’T talk about for fear of Riots and Jihad terrorism by those peaceful muslims.
    No doubt that when or even if we have Rape-Gangs by muslim males that are worse than Jian from the CBC, the Police and CUPE will cover it up as we saw in the UK.
    CAIR uses lawfare and the label of islamophobe to silence people from talking about it , and now Obama’s AG Loretta ( lynch-mob) Lynch says that she will jail those that slander muhammad or speak badly of islam.
    Obama wants a Mosque in Pakistan to be named after him.