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Neither Fox News Nor Donald Trump Are Going To Come For You With An AK, Whereas…

All today and yesterday, the UK media and the Twittersphere have abounded with commenters – politicians, media pundits, even the Metropolitan police – saying how thoroughly they condemn Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban and his claim that parts of Britain’s Islamised inner cities have become places where the authorities fear to tread.

If I wanted to follow their example and ramp up the ludicrous rhetoric, I might almost go so far as to say that these people are more dangerous than Islamic State.

Obviously I don’t believe that. But I do believe that this is exactly the kind of useful idiocy which strengthens the Islamists’ hand, not weakens it.

  • Clink9

    The left has been banning Christians for decades. The Donald just took a page from their playbook.

    • Clausewitz


  • Hard Little Machine

    This is a good opportunity to make the Left own this problem. Open the floodgates, let them all in and stand back and watch the flames.