Trouble in Paradise! ‘Daesh (ISIS) considers South Asians not men enough to fight’

Daesh does not consider South Asians, including Indians, good enough to fight in the conflict zones of Iraq and Syria and treated them as inferior to Arab fighters. However, it often tricks them into launching suicide attacks.

…There appears to be clear hierarchy wherein the Arab fighters are preferred as officer cadre and provided better arms and ammunition, equipment, accommodation and salaries.

“The fighters from South Asia are usually housed in groups in small barracks and are paid less than the Arab fighters and are provided inferior equipment,” the input says.

There are reports that the so-called inferior fighters are also, at times, tricked into suicide attacks. Usually they are given a vehicle loaded with explosives and asked to go near a targeted destination and call a certain number, who would purportedly come and meet them to explain the mission. However, as soon as the number is dialed, the car explodes due to a pre-set mechanism aimed at destroying a specific target.

Here’s my pending comment, since they probably won’t publish it:

Here’s a funny one. Omar Hussain, AKA Abu Saeed al Britania, a “British” ISIS recruit, (no doubt 2nd or 3rd generation Pakistani), blogs about how awful the Arabs in ISIS are. He complains that the Arabs suck at administration, have terrible manners, are childish, push to the front of the line and steal shoes.

““In the West, it is common knowledge to walk out of a room wearing the same pair of shoes that you wore while entering the room. Nay, it is common sense,” Hussain says… “Sometimes you would enter a building and when leaving, you would see the person with your shoes walking 100 yards ahead of you and it can be quite irritating.”’ [Independent, 17 September 2015.]

The Telegraph, 15 September 2015: ‘Their (the Arabs’) bad driving, habit of staring at people and using his (Omar’s) charger for their mobile phones also come under fire.’

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