Death to America

‘Death to America’ is more diplomatic than you think, says Iran’s supreme leader

When the Iran nuclear deal was debated in Washington, the popular Iranian chant ‘Death to America!’ was a regular point of contention.

  • Xavier

    … with liberty and justice for all – and death to Iran.

    No problem then, right sand monkey?

  • pdxnag

    And all those koranic calls to slay unbelievers are just jokes. Pure Islam is just a joke, ha ha. Obama gets it, why don’t you?

  • Tokenn

    Maybe Congress and Parliament should spend a minute every day chanting “Fuck Iran…fuck Islam…fuck Mohammed”. Maybe useful, maybe not, but I bet everybody would feel better afterward. I know _I_ would be impressed.

  • john700

    “Death to America’ is more diplomatic than you think”

    Hussein O.: “I am not only not offended, but I am working every day to make it happen”.

    • David Murrell

      Thst’s what I was thinking. Why would Lurch disagree with how Iranians feel?

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