Wynne Sex Ed Strike

Toronto school’s sex-ed strike surges in second week: a third of students still out

TORONTO, September 15, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – An unprecedented 30-day student school “strike” to protest the Ontario Liberal government’s controversial sex-ed curriculum entered its second week on a surge of strength.

The “No school in September” protest at elementary Thorncliffe Park Public School drew international media attention when parents in the predominately Muslim community pulled about half the students, or an estimated 700 children, out of the school on the first day of class.

  • infedel

    …but if Christians did it — Houston we have a problem.

    • Gary

      True, the parents would be charged with child-abuse under the orders of the Lesbian premier .
      One time when she would actually enforce Canada’s laws .

    • BillyHW

      If it was Christians, they’d be sending in the army to grab your kids.



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    • Look, we are only teaching “teenage rectal intercourse”, what’s the problem?

      • David Murrell

        None that the Wynne government can see,

  • BillyHW

    Dykes vs Muslims. A perfect storm of diversity!

  • Ed

    Gosh, all these reliably liberal big government voters enthusiastically welcomed in by the elites can prove troublesome!

  • Ed

    It won’t be long before Wynn’s brain trust discovers a religious accommodation requirement lurking in the “human rights” code…

    • simus1

      A “muslims only” exception on the QT would definitely square the circle.

      • David Murrell

        There probably is a Muslim-only religious accommodation proviso in the provincial human rights code.

  • canminuteman

    Every day at dinner we ask our kids what they did at school. They are in grades 5 and 7. Yesterday our grade 7 son told us that his health teacher told them that he would not teach the new sex ed curriculum because he believes that is the parents job. It will be interesting to see how the school year goes.

    • WalterBannon

      your son will be getting a new health teacher soon then

      The Gaystopo will be around shortly to disappear him.

      • David Murrell

        Walter, you beat me to the quick rejoinder. I was going to say “One wonders what the health teacher’s future is like”, or something to that effect.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Wynne won’t back down, she want kids to accept as normal abnormal behavior.

    • Ed

      It’ll be interesting. If they start calling the curriculum “racist” because it doesn’t respect their “faith traditions” all bets are off.

      • Ron MacDonald

        This will be one of the few instances where the Left doesn’t refer to religious bias as being racist.

    • WalterBannon

      she is a crypto-pedophilia groomer

  • Waffle

    Don’t know if anyone noticed, but the newly-elected leader of the OPCs made his debut by lobbing her a soft-ball question in the leg. about job losses due to Hydro rates.

    • simus1

      He has big shoes to fill.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Now the Muslims will ask Harper to build a unique school only for them .