Mcc0064311  Guzar Hamidamin, second from left, weeps for her husband, Salah Rasul Hamidamin, who was killed by a Turkish air strike on August 1, in Zergele village, in the Qandil mountains of northern Iraq, August 7, 2015. Salah had been trying to help those wounded in a first wave of bombings when the planes returned for another. Turkey has been conducting air strikes on the Turkish Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK guerrilla group, who use the Qandil Mountains as their base, ending a tenuous peace agreement between Turkey and the PKK. However, people in Zergele say there are no PKK bases or fighters nearby, and the strikes on a row of houses killed eight and wounded 15 Iraqi Kurds, including two older women and a Peshmerga soldier who had been on leave from battling the Islamic State.

‘Turkish airstrikes killed my siblings while I fought Isil’

Mamend Rasul was not at home when Turkish F16 jets fired the missiles that killed his sister, brother and cousin. He was at the battlefront fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – declared enemy of both Turkey and its Nato allies, including Britain.

Neither Turkey nor Nato has any grievance with Mr Rasul or his relatives.

In fact the Kurdish army with which Mr Rasul was fighting, the Peshmerga, is supposed to be Turkey’s ally in the complex world of Middle East politics. It is being trained by British troops, and supplied with weapons by Germany.

  • simus1

    Erdog is playing (at least) a three faced dirty game.
    The only constant with his crowd is oil and how best to steal it.

    • We couldn’t ask for a more reliable ally.

      • BillyHW

        The Turks have always been assholes.