SOUSSE, TUNISIA - JUNE 28:  Camels are walked along Marhaba beach where 38 people were killed on Friday in a terrorist attack on June 28, 2015 in Souuse, Tunisia. Sousse beaches remain quiet following the Tunisia beach attack which left 38 dead, including at least 15 Britons. Around 1,000 tourists returned to the UK with more set to follow in the coming days.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Tunisia attack: Eights ‘sleeper cell’ suspects held following arrests over Sousse hotel massacre

The Tunisian government says it has detained eight suspects over the shooting of 38 people at a hotel in Sousse.

A senior government official said 12 people had been arrested in total in the aftermath of the incident, which saw 23-year-old Sousse gunman Seiffedine Rezgui shot dead by police.

Four of those arrested have since been released, while the other eight – seven men and one woman – are being detained for further questioning.