UNSPECIFIED - SEPTEMBER 2:  In this video grab taken from a broadcast by Arab television, London suicide bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan, from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, relays a message before claiming the lives of six people and injuring 120 in the Edgware Road Circle Line attack in London. The three July 7 explosions on London Underground trains and one on a bus killed at least 55 people people and injured 700 during the morning rush hour terrorist attacks. (Photo by Getty Images)

Suicide bombing seems to have become a new Yorkshire tradition

Life has changed in Dewsbury and Bradford. We’ve let people there down – but not in the way the bien pensants tell you

Where would you rather live, Dewsbury or Bradford? I ask because it seems that there are probably some good property deals to be had in this particular corner of West Yorkshire right now, as a consequence of half the population decamping to Syria in order to blow themselves up. I mean, property was pretty cheap already — in Savile Town, Dewsbury, right in the heart of the Muslim ghetto, you can buy a nice grey stone cottage for not much more than fifty grand. Two beds, back yard, only a stone’s throw from the local sharia court and that vast mosque run by those jovial extremists Tablighi Jamaat. But it’ll be even cheaper now, I would guess.

Dewsbury in particular is getting a reputation as Detonation Central…

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    graz Austria 2 dead 50 injured as vechicle drives round running people over [ sudden car jihad syndrome ] ?????