Pic shows: German kickboxer  Valdet Gashi.A former world champion kick boxer has fled Germany to fight for ISIS in Syria.Valdet Gashi,28, who is married with two children and from Bavaria claimed he joined up to "help and to look for answers."Gashi revealed he is patrolling the Euphrates River in an area between Membis and Jarablus near the Turkish border looking for smugglers.And on  his Facebbook page, where he has received a torrent of abuse, he admitted although he had not used his weapon, he had seen executions.He  wrote:"We are looking for smugglers who bring illegal goods here like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, which are completely forbidden.""By the grace of God I have not yet had to use my weapon."The deterrence effect is very big and there have been very few similar cases since."Gashi has turned his back on his former life in Singen in Baden-Wurttemberg where he trained and became European and then world champion.A former coach of Gashi's said he was shocked he had gone to Syria. "I never saw the private side of him. As a sportsman he was very normal, but he never spoke about religion in the gym - that was taboo.""As a champion boxer he was a model for children. But what he is doing now is no example to set."Former refugee Gashi arrived in  Germany at the age of six from Albania. He grew up in Neumarkt where he found success as a kick boxer.One childhood friend, who did not want to be named,  also told of their shock he was fighting for ISIS.  They described him  as  "prince who everyone on the street knew and greeted.""He was extremely approachable, happy and friendly. Someone must have planted these ideas in his head."One former friend on Facebook wrote:" "Scum of the earth.. Shoot you and your filthy ISIS POS, drop a Bomb on your head so u can die in hell."But  another wrote: "don’t let yourself be provoked by such people brother. Trust in Allah."Gashi  appears not to be bothered by the furore he has caused back home in Germany. He said "too many violent comments on my facebook page… need a banana with honey to relax.""If you really know me, you would know that i don't do something stupid. But anyway....keep insulting me if it makes you happy."German intelligence services say the number of people going to fight for Isis has risen considerably since the start of the year and there are now around 650 Germans in Syria fighting for the Islamic fundamentalists.(ends)

Thai boxing world champion abandons life in Germany to fight for ISIS in Syria

A two-time world Thai boxing champion has fled Germany to fight for ISIS in Syria where he has admitted attending the terror group’s barbaric public executions.

Valdet Gashi, 28, who is married with two children and lived in the state of Bavaria claimed he joined the bloodthirsty terror group to ‘help and to look for answers.’

Gashi revealed that he is currently working for ISIS by patrolling the Euphrates River looking for smugglers in an area between Membis and Jarablus near the Turkish border.

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  • DD_Austin

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  • BillyHW

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