‘Shawshank’ escape: prison sewing instructor jailed as alleged accomplice to murderers on the run

The female prison worker accused of aiding two convicted killers in a “Shawshank Redemption”-style escape from a New York jail has been arrested.

  • truthdareisay

    She really does look a lot like Elizabeth May… Just sayin’

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I wonder how many cats she has at home.

  • Martin B

    When I first heard about this, I wondered if, rather than the convicts getting their hands on power tools and breaking out of prison, some accomplices on the outside with all the needed tools and a detailed layout broke into the cells & let the convicts out. How did everyone miss all the noise and the sparks from cutting through all that steel pipe?

  • Waffle

    Triggers too many cliches: Fatal Attraction, In the Heat of the Night spring to mind.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Fatal Attraction.

  • Dana Garcia

    She better hope her jailbird pals don’t kill anyone. She would be culpable on that as well.

    • I think so.

    • Frau Katze

      She makes women look like total idiots.

      “Yeah! I’ve met this cool guy…he’s murdered two people but hey! I think I’ll help him break out of jail. I mean, what could go wrong?”

      • Dana Garcia

        Prisoners learn to behave themselves in jail because they are rewarded for it. Another idiot is the catholic nun Sister Prejean who likes to support murderers and such scum. She can interact with killers because guards are always nearby, and bars on the cells usually work.

        • Frau Katze

          Yep. I read that Matt had a good prison record. He was smart enough to know he had to act “normal” so he would have a better life in prison. No getting chucked in solitary.

      • andycanuck

        I can change him!!!

      • Alain

        Having working in a maximum federal prison where the inmates were not there due to a B & E or anything less that horrific crime, often grotesque murders, I can assure you that they all had their female fans/groupies. It just boggled the mind, but it was a fact.

  • ntt1

    I wondered about the power tools. If they used a cordless angle grinder with a zip cutter head in addition to the need for zip cutter refills, there would have been the need to recharge batteries and then there s the noise, They might have used a cordless recipro-saw with a fine blade and reduced the noise a lot although I understand the pipe cutting was in a closed off boiler room. Looking at her picture I imagine she is the kind of woman well used to power tools albeit of a more intimate nature.At least the woman has proven teaching skills ..she will do well in prison

    • I am at a loss to describe her motivation.

      • ntt1

        one of the escapees was known as a lady killer type, he probably gave her a time of her life in return for a little favour..

        • Alain

          If so it must have been the only time in her life based on her looks.

          • ntt1

            Only time indeed ,but then it turned out to be one hell of a “little favour”

      • Frau Katze

        One article said “he made her feel special.” She WAS a unique position to help him escape from prison.

  • canminuteman

    Why are there women working in men’s prisons again.

    • Alain

      Oh, that is due to affirmative action quotas, and the same non sense exists in Canada.

  • GottaQHFilly

    Stupid tnuc. And why does a mens prison for violent offenders need a damn sewing class?

    • Minicapt

      “Stitch in time …”


    • andycanuck

      And I’m sure there are plenty of male teachers capable of adding that useful skill (no sarcasm there, really*) to prisoners’ skill pool.

      And, yes, I realize saying “no sarcasm there, really” sounds like sarcasm but I mean it genuinely.

  • Hard Little Machine

    She looks like she realizes the idea she had before is in fact stunningly terrible.

    • Alain

      That is only because she was caught. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she thought he was going to come back for her once he was free and set up somewhere.