Cinema: the Islamization of Naples in a documentary

A congregation in Naples. Source.

ROME – Alessandra calls herself Amina.

Francesco chose Muhammad. She has chosen to wear the Islamic veil, with her mother’s disapproval, while he has grown a beard and hides his tattoos under a long white tunic. Both recite the Koran in Arabic fluently.

The two Neapolitans, who have converted to Islam, star in a documentary by Ernesto Pagano – ‘Napolislam’, which is debuting on Saturday, June 13, at the Biografilm Festival in Bologna, explaining how the ongoing Islamization across Europe had been rooted in Naples for a while.

The famous market square, a place of worship of the Virgin Mary Madonna del Carmine, is now covered every Friday with Muslim prayer mats.

Hundreds of barefoot men recite the sermon of Imam Yassin, or Agostino Gentile, who is convinced that “there were Communism and Che Guevara before, now there is Islam.”

His speeches, delivered in perfect classic Arabic, are requested across the whole province, where places of worship are increasing month after month…

Not a hint of disapproval or concern in this piece by the idiotic dhimmi Ansamed news service.