Dabiq 9 Perfect Storm Cantlie

From ISIS Magazine Dabiq, Issue No. 9: Cantlie, IS organising attack on a grand scale in US

ROME — The new issue of ISIS propaganda magazine ‘Dabiq’ contains an article allegedly penned by British kidnapped reporter John Cantlie according to which the Islamic State has every intention of striking the US, at home and on a grand scale, either with a nuclear device or with several tons of explosive.

Cantlie first refers to the possibility of an attack with a nuclear bomb ‘imported’ from Pakistan to the US but later he calls the scenario “unplausible” and envisages the possibility of IS striking with “several tons of explosive”.

According to the article, the Islamic State’s onslaught against America will ridicule “the attacks of the past”.

Cantlie calls the possibility of carrying out an attack through a nuclear device “imported” into the USA from Pakistan through Libya, Nigeria, South America and finally Mexico by “exploiting the drug-trade and human trafficking network unlikely”, and later talks about “several tons of explosive”…

Read Dabiq Issue 9 here.

  • Well it is a bit far fetched, but then again no one gave much thought to 911.

    • Alain

      Considering the open border with Mexico as opposed to how the Canadian border is treated, it is just a matter of time. It doesn’t have even to be a sophisticated nuclear devise, since they use anything to wreck havoc.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The window of opportunity for such an attack will close after Obama is outta here. It doesn’t take much for his successor to prove superior competence.

    • Frau Katze

      I wouldn’t be so sure. Politicians are terrible these days.

    • Alain

      Let us see if Obama actually leaves first.

    • I am not impressed with the Republicans. Are you?

  • canminuteman

    In the long run, a huge attack now would be a welcome relief. If there was a huge attack on many fronts in North America or Europe, the gloves could come off and we could get down to some serious ethnic cleansing. If that does not happen, we will just keep right on importing more and more of them, until we wake up ne day and find that we are the ones being ethnical cleansed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Nuclear devices would be far more practical delivered in a truck to Baghdad or Beirut.

  • It would work well if indeed it was as large as they are claiming, to ensure Marshal Law for Obama?