Hand Guns

US gun documentary admits using the editing trick you know everyone’s using

‘I questioned her and the editor about the pause and was told that a ‘beat’ was added for, as she described it, ‘dramatic effect”

Anyone who has seen more than a handful of reality shows and documentaries is probably familiar with this setup:

– Person A says something to Person B

– *Shot of Person B looking confused* (not necessarily from same part of conversation)

– Person B speaks after a pause, or says nothing at all

It’s an editing technique used to add drama, tension or awkwardness to a situation, and Katie Couric’s recent Under the Gun documentary has been caught out.

Fahim Ahmad Muslim Terrorist Canada

Leader of Toronto 18 terrorist group still way too devout a Muslim to be released says Parole Board

The 31-year-old, (Fahim Ahmad), who organized training camps to prepare recruits for attacks in Ontario, has “no viable release plan” and continues to exhibit concerning behaviors, the Board wrote.

Ayanle Hassan Ali Muslim Terrorist fiend

Call Chief Saunders! RCMP engaging in islamophobia nonsense! Terror charge for Muslim Stabber at Cdn Forces Center

RCMP lay terror charge against Ayanle Hassan Ali, already accused in Canadian Forces centre stabbing

RCMP have laid a terror charge against Ayanle Hassan Ali, who is already facing nine charges in connection with a stabbing at a Toronto military recruitment centre in March.

Ali is a 27-year-old born in Montreal.

According to Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders, a man walked past a master corporal stationed at the door of the Joseph Sheppard Building at 4900 Yonge St., just north of Sheppard Avenue, on the afternoon of March 14. The man then stabbed the master corporal when he tried to stop him.

Chief Saunders became briefly infamous for his incredibly stupid comment about “Islamophobia nonsense”


Hanover teen stabbed police officer ‘on orders from Isis’

A 15-year-old girl who knifed a policewoman at Hanover’s main train station in February may have been acting under orders from Isis terrorists, media reported on Tuesday.

Teenager Safia S. described in chat conversations how she had travelled to Turkey and been in contact with “employees” of Isis, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and broadcasters NDR and WDR reported.

The chat logs further show that rather than travelling on to Syria from Turkey, Safia S. had had a “change of plans” when Isis members asked her to go back to Germany and cause a “surprise for the unbelievers,” police sources told journalists.

“They told me it would be of great use,” she reportedly said. Other passages show the girl talking about a “martyrdom operation”.

Islam in Denmark

Denmark to impose new ‘integration’ rules on kids

Following an EU ruling last month, the Danish government is fast-tracking new legislation that will put greater emphasis on children’s ‘ability to integrate’.

The Danish government will introduce legislation to parliament on Tuesday that will require immigration authorities to evaluate the ‘ability to integrate’ of all children above the age of six who have a parent in their home country.

Under current rules, children are not evaluated on their integration potential if an application for family reunification is filed within two years of a parent being granted residence in Denmark.


Rising anti-Semitism forces Jews out of Paris suburbs

Jews who have lived peacefully in the suburbs of Paris are now having to move to other parts of the country or head for Israel to escape anti-Semitism.

When Alain Benhamou walked into his apartment near Paris in July 2015 and saw the words “dirty Jew” scrawled on the wall, he knew it was time to leave.

It was his second such break-in in less than three months and the 71-year-old no longer felt welcome in Bondy, a Parisian suburb he had called home for more than 40 years.

“Until the years 2000-2005, the town was nice and quiet, with 250 to 300 Jewish families and synagogues full on the Sabbath,” Benhamou says.

“Now, only about a hundred Jewish families remain.”

Benhamou is part of a growing number of French Jews who have effectively become internal refugees, fleeing insecurity and seeking protection in numbers in an atmosphere they say is increasingly hostile, and often expressed in relation to conflict in the Middle East.


Muslims kill 4, burn church in Niger State’s “blasphemy” riot

Four persons have so far lost their lives while at least one house, a church and a shop have been burnt in a riot sparked by alleged posting of a blasphemous statement about Prophet Muhammad on the social media in Pandogari town, Niger State last Sunday, according to Nigerian military authorities.

In a statement released on Tuesday morning, the military announced imposition of curfew on the town to curb the raging violence in which it said has also led to looting of 25 shops.

Major N. C Agwu, Assistant Director Army Public Relations, in the statement released on Tuesday morning said the religious riot began at about 6 pm on Sunday when one Mr Methodus Chimaije Emmanuel, a 24 year old trader based in Pandogari, Rafi LGA of Niger State was attacked and killed by a mob in the town on allegation of posting a blasphemous statement about Prophet Muhammad on the social media.

Donald Trump, downtown, n’ me Part II

Hi again, Marion

3. Whether Trump can (or will even try) do anything for his supporters is a separate issue from why they flock to him.

Their attachment springs from a growing sense of a reality few discuss. Modern Western governments don’t need Westerners nearly as much as they used to. Governing elites rely increasingly on automation, migrants, labour in unfree countries, and temporary foreign workers to get things done. The average North American is increasingly likely to be more an expense than a source of income to government, over a lifetime.

It’s worth stopping to note here that “helping professionals” paid by government can be classed, for these purposes, with the dependents they serve. So can much of the current justice system. The class, taken as a whole, is much larger than we often realize.

Elites can also insulate themselves from the bad outcomes they inflict on others.


Huxley understood that the inhabitants of the new order of things would be better described as “doles” than “proles,” and that rebellion was increasingly unlikely as they accepted their role.


Essentially, what is happening is that both Orwell (1984) and Huxley (Brave New World) got part of the story right and part wrong. Orwell got the growing authoritarianism and surveillance right, but he assumed that the government needed “proles” to work. Huxley understood that the inhabitants of the new order of things would be better described as “doles” than “proles,” and that rebellion was increasingly unlikely as they accepted their role.

It is becoming clear that the doles are not going to be citizens in any meaningful sense. To the extent that a country like the United States is still governed constitutionally as a representative democracy, they do have one thing that is of value, their vote. Of course, permitting undocumented migrants to vote in large numbers will remove that advantage from them. And encouraging migrancy will reduce their opportunity to shape the society they live in. Social planners will increasingly determine such things, right down to the salt laws.

So what really are the voters’ choices?

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See also: Donald Trump, downtown, n’ me Part I

US Election 2016: Were all the wise men wrong? Yes, and why they were wrong is what matters. Firing individuals won’t help.

Austria - Vienna

Austria: Iraqi Rapefugee said he was gay to claim asylum is jailed for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl

An Iraqi immigrant who said he was gay when claiming asylum in Austria has been jailed for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl at a swimming pool.

Appearing in court this week, the 36-year-old insisted that he is homosexual and that the contact with the child was his first experience of a sexual relationship with the opposite sex.

He reportedly came to Austria 13 years ago and had no previous convictions before he was arrested over the attack on the schoolgirl in the changing rooms of the public swimming pool in the Huetteldorf area of Vienna.


Qatar: The World’s Wealthiest Family-Run Gas Station

The proud Gulf state of Qatar boasts human habitation dating back to 50,000 years ago. It may not be the only country across the world with such an impressive historical habitation story. But what makes it unique is its skillfully planned preservation tradition, particularly its persistent touch on medieval, not ancient, history.

Qatar is the world’s wealthiest country, or more of a family-run gas station. It boasts abiding by various aspects of the sharia (Islamic religious law), which, according to its constitution, it considers the main source of its legislation. In Qatar, flogging and stoning are legal forms of punishment. Apostasy (leaving Islam) is a crime punishable by the death penalty.

Donald Trump, downtown, n’ me, Part I

Hi, Marion and Fluffy,

For whatever reason, I ended up being asked about the Trump candidacy recently by people I bumped into in Ottawa. I am so glad you and I had put our heads together and worked out an organized response.

So much of what we need to understand today is right under our noses but we have been trained (or trained ourselves) not to see it. Here is our response again, edited:

1. Big legacy media and six-figure consultants kept telling us Trump couldn’t win the nomination. But he did. He did it while ignoring or enraging them.

Why did he know he could get away with that? Probably because, contra Twitter, he didn’t get rich by being stupid. He had spotted their central weakness: They no longer speak for voters.

Legacy media are not gatekeepers anymore. Is there anyone outside the cocktails n’ coke set who cares what the New York Times’ editorial board thinks? To those who get all their news from a handheld, former media greats are just part of a tsunami of news and noise. Maybe most of the public agrees with them most of the time. That’s just confluence of events. Yet they act like anyone still cares while quietly letting staff go.

Political consultants tell the people who can afford to hire them what they are willing to hear about the voters. Not quite what they need to know, it seems.

2. Stepping back a bit to get a wider view, neither the Dems nor the GOP represents a historic constituency any longer. The Dems increasingly represent, not workers, but an ever-growing entitlement class. The class is not defined by commitment to the labour force but by personal identity, on which claims to entitlement rest. The GOP no longer represents small business, particularly. It represents global business.

If global businesses are wise, they will channel money to the Dems as well and support whichever of their causes do not conflict with shareholder interests. They would be happy to fund a crackdown on First Amendment rights.

People with serious commitments to any traditional system, whether it is traditional work, small business, family life or religion, not only have few real representatives in the system but are increasingly targets of ridicule and hostility. And also subject to heavily enforced bureaucratic whim, whether it is forced use of opposite-sex public washrooms or meddling by the Salt or Pop Police or predatory “child protection” services. It is futile for such people to hope that the GOP will do more than sneer at, and eventually repudiate, their wish for a life that makes sense to them.

Under the circumstances, it was instructive to learn how many millions were spent trying to stop Trump, and how many billions in free publicity he gained from all that. And all he had to do was make clear that he did not need to play their game.

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See also: US Election 2016: Were all the wise men wrong? Yes, and why they were wrong is what matters. Firing individuals won’t help.


Rapefugee Rapefest In Darmstadt Germany – 18 Women Assaulted

18 women are sexually assaulted at German concert, with victims surrounded by mobs of migrant men and groped in copycat attacks like those in Cologne

A group of asylum seekers sexually assaulted numerous women at a free concert in Germany at the weekend in attacks similar to those carried out in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Three Pakistani men are already under arrest after 18 women filed complaints that they had been improperly touched, fondled and groped during the festival in the city of Darmstadt.

Police have said the number of complainants could rise.

Mohamed Badie Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist

Egyptian court sentences the ‘supreme guide’ of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and dozens others to life in jail

An Egyptian court has convicted and sentenced almost 50 Islamists, including a top leader of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, to life imprisonment.

The state-run MENA news agency said Mohamed Badie and the other defendants were sentenced on Monday for inciting violence that led to the killing of three people in July 2013.

The case goes back to the days after the military’s ouster of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood member.


Continental Breakfast

global-warmingA Major Malaise of Climatology is Pervasive in Science

The media is replete with scientists speculating and reaching cause and effect conclusions when there is only a correlation. But this is only a minor part of the overall malaise in science and nowhere is it more apparent than in climate science. It is seven years since Climategate, but the evidence of wrongdoing existed at least 21 years ago with the “Chapter 8” fiasco in the 1995 IPCC Report. It is 50 years since bad science appeared in climatology and, sadly, it continues, but few know the history.

Science today is a career guaranteeing theory in search of evidence.

bret-stephens-575x348Establishment Republican Wants Trump To Lose So Supporters Can, “Learn Their Lesson.”

“I most certainly will not vote for Donald Trump,” Stephens said. “I will vote for the least left-wing opponent to Donald Trump and I want to make a vote to make sure that he has — that he is the biggest loser in presidential history since, I don’t know, Alf Landon or going back further. It’s important that Donald Trump and what he represents — this kind of ethnic quote, ‘conservatism,’ or populism be so decisively rebuked that the Republican Party, the Republican voters will forever learn their lesson that they cannot nominate a man so manifestly unqualified to be president in any way, shape or form. So they have to learn a lesson in the way perhaps Democrats learned from McGovern in ’72. George Will said let’s have him lose in 50 states. Why not Guam, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, too?”

Zaki-Barzinji-IPObama Names Official Linked to MB as Gov’t Liaison to Muslims

The Obama Administration has chosen the grandson of a Muslim Brotherhood terror suspect as its new liaison to the Muslim-American community. The new official also led the youth section of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an identified Muslim Brotherhood entity that was labeled an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-financing trial.

muslim-scoutsWashPost Pushes Muslim Boy and Girl Scouts as More American Than Trump

Throughout the piece, Post feature writer David Montgomery paired apparently outrageous quotes from Donald Trump (as well as Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee) with Post rebuttals with all-American Muslim teenagers in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. It was all about “Islamophobia” clashing with American values:

Yet the wave of Islamophobia had brought on a new level of introspection in the Muslim American community about what the country was becoming, and what growing up in this political climate would mean for their children. Weren’t their sons and daughters honoring the same American ideals as the Scout troops in Liberty, Mo., and New Freedom, Pa.?

“It_took_four_generations_to_dig_ourselves_out”_of_the_LAST_Trudeau_s_debt_FULL_interview_with_Kevin_O’Leary_-_The_Rebel_-_2016-05-30_18.29.38“It took four generations to dig ourselves out” of the LAST Trudeau’s debt: FULL interview with Kevin O’Leary

At the Canadian Conservative Party convention in Vancouver, I sat down with investor, “Dragon’s Den” star and potential CPC leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary. As you might expect, it was a provocative conversation about foreign and domestic policy, party branding and so much more.

hillary-phoneThe Huffington Post Accidentally Posts Article Announcing Hillary’s Indictment

Does The Huffington Post know something we don’t? Do they have an inside scoop of the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Hillary’s email? I sure hope so! This headline is fantastic! It was actually live (briefly) on their site Sunday.

“Hillary to be indicted on Racketeering”
Huffington Post deleted article Sunday
Censorshiphttps://t.co/N8SjjOTza0 pic.twitter.com/GmwBGk7DYF

— Judy Baldasaro (@JudyBaldasaro) May 30, 2016

Huffington Post Writer: Editors Deleted My Article on Hillary’s Imminent Indictment, Disabled Me from Writing

jolieAngelina Jolie’s Professorship Reminds Us That Gender Studies is a Joke

The London School of Economics continues to make bold strides in shredding its reputation into little pieces and then jumping up and down on the pieces.

Muslims in Turkey demand right to pray at Hagia Sophia Church

hagiasophia-12thcYet another example (in an interminable line) of stunning Islamic supremacism. Turkey is a Muslim country with thousands of mosques. Not. good. enough. They have to take over one of the most exquisite and iconic churches in the Christian world.

If there were any humanity in the Muslim world leadership, they would return the church to the Christian world.

muslim_feminismIslamic Professor: Muslims Can Rape Non-Muslim Women to Humiliate Them

Here’s an important thing to understand; this woman is a moderate. And I’m not saying that sarcastically. In Islamic terms, her position is a moderate one. She’s specifically staking out a position against concubinage and slavery within Muslim society. The exception is when Muslims attack non-Muslims and take female prisoners. The fact that this is a moderate position says all you need to know about Islam.

FILE - In this Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013 file photo, Sweden fans pose with a Swedish flag before the World Cup qualifying soccer match between Sweden and Portugal in Stockholm, Sweden. For the first time since record-keeping began in 1749, Sweden now has more men than women. Swedes don't quite know what to make of this sudden male surplus, which is highly unusual in the West, where women historically have been in the majority in almost every country. But it may be a sign of things to come in Europe as changes in life expectancy and migration transform demographics. The tipping point in Sweden happened in March 2015, when population statistics showed 277 more men than women. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, file)

It’s raining men! Sweden sees historic gender balance shift

Famous for its efforts to put women on an equal footing with men, Sweden is experiencing a gender balance shift that has caught the country by surprise: For the first time since record-keeping began in 1749, it now has more men than women.

Swedes don’t quite know what to make of this sudden male surplus, which is highly unusual in the West, where women historically have been in the majority in almost every country. But it may be a sign of things to come in Europe as changes in life expectancy and migration transform demographics.

Mother Nature’s getting ready for a war.


Stephen Hawking: Trump’s popularity inexplicable and Brexit spells disaster

ITV’s Good Morning Britain asked the man who has widened the world’s understanding of time, space, stars, galaxies and black holes if he could explain the popular appeal of the billionaire tycoon.

Hawking, perhaps the world’s most famous living scientist and the author of one of the world’s best-selling books, replied: “I can’t. He’s a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.”

Smartest idiot on the planet.

trans-1Dad pulls kids out of Howell school so they don’t have to share restroom with transgender classmate

“My son informed me there was a girl in the bathroom with him and the other kids in his class,” said Matt Stewart.

He called the school. He asked why he wasn’t given notice of the school’s policy for transgender students and their use of facilities, why parents didn’t have a say on school policy, and what the options were to protect the privacy of his son.

Stewart didn’t like the answers. He and his wife then decided to pull their three sons out of school.

kim10 types of spy cameras that could be watching you right now – No. 6 is a surprise

Camera technology has advanced a lot the past few years. They keep getting smaller and smaller, making it possible to conceal them any which way.

Spy cam manufacturers have been creative in producing some of the most cleverly disguised (and tiny) camera/DVR systems, complete with HD video, motion detection, large storage card support and remote controls.

So here are 10 spy cameras you’d never expect!

96785927_epa05285960_Andreas_Glarner_mayor_of_the_village_of_Oberwil-Lieli_and_national_councill-large_trans++gsaO8O78rhmZrDxTlQBjdGLvJF5WfpqnBZShRL_tOZwSwiss village chooses to pay £200,000 fine instead of accepting 10 refugees as ‘they won’t fit in’

One of Europe’s wealthiest villages has decided to pay a £200,000 fine instead of accepting around 10 refugees under its country’s newly imposed quota.

By rejecting the government’s plans, the village – which counts 300 millionaires among its population of 22,000 – has sent shockwaves across the country, with some accusing the residents of racism.

Wynne_whines_over_attack_while_Trudeau_ponders_reprimanding_Vickers_-_The_Rebel_-_2016-05-30_19.57.06Wynne whines over “attack” while Trudeau ponders reprimanding Vickers

Kathleen Wynne actually claims that criticism of her policies by an Alberta legislator amounts to sexism.

Justin Trudeau used the foreign workers program that he criticized and after manhandling fellow MPs, may discipline Kevin Vickers for taking down a protester.

I’d like to see Vickers and Trudeau in a cage fight.

Children-hide-under-tables-550507Schools on terror alert: Children as young as four practising for armed sieges

Schools across the country are now on terror alert as ISIS contaminates the West.

Young children taking part in terror drills are being taught to scramble behind upturned tables and under desks while teachers lock classroom doors and close windows.

Youngsters are also urged to keep silent during the drills. The reason is not explained to them, and instead teachers say it is a game.

A-man-holds-a-baby-as-migrants-and-refugees-arrive-in-the-port-of-Messina-following-a-rescue-operation-at-sea-by-the-Italian-Coast-Guard-Getty-640x480UN Chief Says Millions More Migrants Coming To Europe, Bemoans EU Leaders’ Lack Of ‘Positive Narrative’

Accusing EU leaders of “complacency and lack of leadership” for not having systems in place to welcome and flawlessly integrate millions overnight, the head of the UN’s Geneva office blasted European heads of state like David Cameron for failing to create a “positive narrative” about the issue. Mr Moller, a Dane said:

“What we have been seeing is one of the biggest human migrations in history, and it’s just going to accelerate.


Egypt Coptic Christians

Hired OJ: Egypt’s president vows justice for Christian grandmother beaten and stripped naked by mob

Egypt’s president has promised justice for a Christian grandmother who was stripped naked and paraded through the streets by a Muslim mob.

The 70-year-old woman was attacked in her village south of Cairo after rumours spread that her son had an affair with a Muslim woman.

“They burned the house and went in and dragged me out, threw me in front of the house and ripped my clothes,” said the woman, who requested anonymity. “I was just as my mother gave birth to me and was screaming and crying.”

The crowd burned down her house and six others during the attack on May 20 in the village of Karma in Minya province, south of Cairo.

The Hidden Dangers Of The Fight Against Islamic State

“…The problem with this is that the PKK — which is designated as a terrorist organization by both the United States and Turkey — is effectively at war with Turkey, a NATO ally and a major stakeholder in the outcome of the war in Syria. In April, U.S. State Department spokesperson John Kirby told the press corps that “YPG’s not a designated foreign terrorist organization. PKK is. Nothing’s changed about that.”

Crucially, however, Turkey does not see a distinction between the PKK and the YPG. Neither do several experts whom RFE/RL consulted in researching this article. One source in territory controlled by the Kurds, who wished to remain anonymous due to security concerns, told RFE/RL that there is no doubt that the YPG reports directly to the PKK’s guerrilla leadership.”

That Muslim woman who tried to shame the Tories is no Conservative

This weekend’s Conservative Party convention in Vancouver had the vibe of a Maoist “struggle session” about it — or at least that’s how the press is choosing to cover it. The party is grappling with its future and reflecting on its past, with heavy, heavy pressure being exerted to admit the past in question was just one long, dark slog of homophobia, racism, climate-change denial, and Muslim-bashing.

Urz Heer Muslim 5th Columnist

Urz Heer infiltrated the Conservative Convention. The sad news is the CPC leadership fell for it. That’s ethnic pandering of the worst sort. Goodbye CPC.


Countless Sexual Asaults During Festival in Darmstadt

DARMSTADT. In Darmstadt, many women have been sexually harassed and assaulted by asylum seekers during a city festival. So far, 18 women have reported to the police, the police headquarters southern Hesse said on Monday. The women were mostly at a young age. During the festival, three victims of sex assaults had complained to the police and complained of harassment and assaults by “men from the South Asian region.”

h/t CS

Marine Le Pen

Vote Marine Le Pen, says top French jihadist recruiter

A top French jihadist recruiting sergeant has issued an unlikely endorsement of Marine Le Pen saying the far-Right Front National leader defends the “true values of France” because she is against military involvement in Syria.

Omar Diaby, 40, self-proclaimed French chief of al Qaeda’s Syrian wing, is reportedly thought to have persuaded around 80 would-be jihadists to leave France for Syria to join Islamist ranks via slickly-produced online propaganda films.