UVA Rolling Stone Story False Rape Allegation

‘Jackie’ testifies: Rolling Stone story was ‘what I believed to be true at the time’

The woman whose harrowing account of being gang-raped at the University of Virginia was the centerpiece of a now-discredited Rolling Stone magazine article testified in a deposition heard by the public for the first time on Monday that the story was what she believed “to be true at the time”.

A video deposition of the woman identified in the article only as “Jackie” was played for jurors Monday in the defamation trial against Rolling Stone magazine for the 2014 article A Rape on Campus by Sabrina Rubin Erdely. University of Virginia administrator Nicole Eramo is seeking $7.5m from the magazine, claiming she was cast as the story’s “chief villain”. A police investigation later found no evidence to back up Jackie’s claims.


Is Britain’s Government Destroying its own Military to Appease its Enemies?

Last week General Lord Richards, former Chief of the Defence Staff and the UK’s most senior military officer, made an extraordinary allegation. Speaking on the BBC, he said that elements of the British establishment in Whitehall think their own soldiers are “bad,” and terrorists are “freedom fighters.”

Lord Richards’s assertions have far-reaching significance both within the UK and more widely, affecting the US, the prosecution by the West of the war on terror, and British relations with the State of Israel. Yet they have gone largely unnoticed.

Lord Richards was talking about the ongoing legal campaign against British troops who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan — the first time in history that any government has turned on its own armed forces in such a way.


The government’s unhappy meal: Eat well, and expect to be unemployed

A group of students in Calgary, rightfully ticked off at the ever-increasing helicopter parenting of government, will open a “Nanny State Store” on Tuesday to ridicule the increasing level of lifestyle regulations being foisted upon them.

Chocolate bar wrappers, for example, will bear a very menacing message, perfect for Halloween.

“Warning. Chocolate seriously increases your risk of obesity,” the wrappers read. “Chocolate may kill you!”

JustinTrudeau Useful Idiot

Four killed in CAR protest against UN peacekeepers

Four civilians were killed and 14 other people injured in Central African Republic on Monday when UN peacekeepers exchanged fire with armed men during a protest against the UN military presence, the United Nations said.

The clashes occurred as hundreds of protesters gathered to call for troops from the UN mission (MINUSCA) to leave the country. A Reuters witness saw protesters, carrying anti-UN posters, throwing stones and shouting at the troops who responded with warning shots.

There was then an exchange of gunfire between the troops and armed men near the crowd.

PM Useful Idiot will soon set that to right… Canada peacekeepers seem set for Central African Republic deployment before end of year


Belgian media outlets hacked, Syrian Cyber Army claims responsibility

Several Belgian media outlets announced that they had fallen victim to a cyberattack. A Syrian hacker group claimed responsibility, saying the attack was retaliation for the Belgian air force bombing a village near Aleppo.

A number of Belgian media websites, including De Standaard, RTBF, Het Nieuwsblad, Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Belang van Limburg, reported they have been subjected to a coordinated DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack on Monday afternoon, which temporarily shut down their sites. The attack was claimed by a group calling itself the Syrian Cyber Army, as punishment for the media helping to cover up their government’s actions in Aleppo.


Woodstock nurse charged with 8 counts of first-degree murder in nursing home deaths

A Woodstock nurse is facing eight counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of elderly patients at long-term care facilities in Woodstock and London.

Police said the investigation began on Sept. 29 when officers with the Woodstock Police Service received information that eight seniors had been killed between 2007 and 2014.

The allegations stem from the deaths of seven patients at the Caressant Care Nursing and Retirement Homes in Woodstock and one patient at Meadow Park facility in London.

All I can say at this point is remember Susan Nelles…


Threatened in Mosul, Islamic State uses alternative tactics

BAGHDAD (AP) — Dozens of Islamic State fighters struck at dawn, storming government and security compounds in and around the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk last week, in a coordinated assault more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) from the front lines of the Mosul offensive.

Over the last two years, the extremists have adopted innovative tactics and launched diversionary attacks along the amoeba-like frontiers of their self-styled caliphate, and many now fear they have more surprises in store as Iraqi forces close in on Mosul, the militants’ last urban bastion in the country.

The Kirkuk assault was carried out by more than 50 militants who may have been part of so-called sleeper cells. They struck targets in and around the city, pinning down Kurdish security forces for two days and killing at least 80 people. A similar attack was launched on the western town of Rutba, hundreds of miles from Mosul, over the weekend.


EPA Hiring 15 ‘Diversity and Inclusion Specialists,’ Will Pay Six Figures for Each

The Environmental Protection Agency is looking to hire 15 “Diversity and Inclusion Specialists,” each of whom will make $100,000 or more per year.

The agency will hire employees to set up diversity and inclusion “advisory bodies” across the country, according to a government job posting.

“Earth Day is every day at EPA!” the agency said. “At EPA, you can protect human health and the environment of all Americans, and you’ll discover that EPA is one great place to work!”

A protester held a placard reading "Merkel-Kaput" outside the parliament.

‘Helpless and Hopeless’ Merkel Dismisses Islamization, Suggests Playing a Flute

Chancellor Angela Merkel has advised all those worried about Islamization to play the flute on Christmas Eve, according to the German news network n-tv.

Speaking at an emergency congress of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in Wittenburg, Chancellor Angela Merkel said playing the flute on Christmas Eve is something that could contribute to containing Islamization in Germany, the German news network n-tv reported.

She’s Gone Mad.


The Funeral of the Oslo Accords

The death of former Israeli President Shimon Peres led to a wave of almost unanimous tributes. Representatives from 75 countries came to Jerusalem to attend the funeral. Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas even left Ramallah for a few hours to show up.

Such a consensus could seem to be a sign of support for Israel, but it was something else entirely.

Those who honored the memory of Shimon Peres put aside the years he dedicated to creating Israel’s defense industry and to negotiating key arms deals with France, Germany and the United States. Those who honored the memory of Peres spoke only of the man who signed the Oslo Accords and who embodied the “peace process.” They then used the occasion to accuse Israel.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

War over polls intensifies

Want a tough job? Trying being a pollster two weeks before Election Day.

Donald Trump is ripping pollsters and the media, arguing the surveys are biased against him because many include too many Democrats in their sampling surveys

Conservative news sites have pounced on Trump’s arguments, seizing on a trio of national polls that show the race between the Republican and Democrat Hillary Clinton is a toss-up.

Trump and his supporters argue that mainstream pollsters are under-sampling Republicans to account for a rise in Independents, while failing to account for an enthusiasm gap that favors Trump or the new voters he could bring into the fold.

A half-dozen pollsters interviewed by The Hill acknowledged it’s tough to do a poll on the 2016 race.


Relatives baffled and shamed as Israel’s ‘Isis family’ returns home

Few Israeli citizens have gone to fight with Islamic State, perhaps a total of 50 in four years. Far fewer still have made it back to Israel to tell their tale.

Among that handful is Sabareen Zbeidt, aged 30, and her husband, Wissam, aged 42, who flew back into Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport last month with their three children – aged between three and eight – in the knowledge they would face long sentences in jail.