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Canadian Government Outlines Growing Terrorist Threat

The Canadian government warned that roughly 60 “extremist travelers” havereturned to Canada, in a new report outlining major threats from terrorist organizations including the Islamic State and Hizballah.

The report states that “a violent act of terrorism could occur in Canada,” corroborating similar assertions from some U.S. officials who have warned about Islamic State operatives and sympathizers residing in the U.S.

“Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011, more than 36,500 extremist travelers from over 100 countries, including at least 6,600 individuals from Western countries, have travelled to Syria,” the report said.

The few that returned to North America pose a major threat to both Canada and the United States.


Islam in France: Swimsuits on trial

The real question over the burkini controversy is whether all Muslims living in France, as in other western democratic societies, will accept western values. The better part of wisdom is to allow the burkini ban to stand

In 1871, Karl Marx published a pamphlet, The Civil War in France, discussing the fight between the Commune radical group that had ruled Paris for a few months and the national government that resulted in more than 20,000 casualties.

The Commune attempted to institute political and social reforms, particularly the separation of church and state, and better social conditions.

In summer 2016, a political and legal civil war has erupted in France on what is not simply a trivial issue of women’s swimsuits, but also raises important and controversial issues of Islamic identity within a secular society, adherence to French law and custom, and freedom of expression.

911 Towers

Fears of an anti-Muslim backlash as Eid al-Adha falls on 15th anniversary of 9/11

Muslim leaders in the US fear people will think they are celebrating 9/11 after it emerged a major festival has the potential to fall on September 11 this year.

According to the lunar calendar that Muslims follow for religious holidays, Eid al-Adha looks set to fall around the 15th anniversary of the 2001 Al Qaeda atrocity which claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people.

corrupt clintons

How the Clintons Gave American Foreign Policy its Muslim Tilt

The Clinton role in the rise of Islamic irredentism has now come full circle. Bill Clinton might get the credit for the original Muslim tilt. Bosnia (1992-95) set the table for a series of interventions that gave birth to the so-called Arab Spring and any subsequent triumphs of Islamofascism. Ironically, Bill Clinton could be both righteous about civil wars in the Balkans and oblivious to genocide in Rwanda simultaneously.

Muslim lives matter, Black Africans, not so much.

ISIS stones gays

Inside the Head of an ISIS True Believer

With rare exception, active members of ISIS are notoriously shy about talking to Western reporters. The reason ISIS has invested so heavily in elaborate media and propaganda arms is that its mantra—“Hear from us, not about us”—is designed to demonstrate to fellow travelers and would-be enlistees that what the Crusader-Zionist press says is all lies. The higher metaphysical truth of the “Islamic State” can only be grasped by joining it or listening to what the mujahidin have to say.

Muslim terrorist bitch arrested in Spain

Spanish Jihadist chatter on the rise say experts, with sights set on Spain

Spanish counter-terrorism authorities have issued an alert about “the increase in mentions of our country” in recent propaganda material produced by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), including text documents, videos and graphs.

Jihadists are now writing in Spanish, and even analyzing the political situation in Spain through written reviews of election results.

This is raising Spain’s profile on ISIS’ communication networks. “The progressive increase of texts and releases translated into Spanish is giving our country growing relevance from a propaganda point of view, and increasing the possibility of action by an autonomous terrorist working on our territory,” terrorism experts say.


Greece: The Freedom-of-Speech Canary Died

In coalmines, from 1911 to 1986, canaries operated as an early warning system for the leakage of hazardous gases. Whenever the birds showed signs of distress, the miners knew trouble was coming.

Greece has deep problems. Greece is presently in the “coalmine” of an endless economic and immigration crisis.

This month, for the first time, there was a request to activate an anti-racist law, passed in September 2014, against a Greek citizen who also has institutional status.

The coalition government of Alexis Tsipras (SYRIZA) and Panos Kammenos (Independent Greeks) asked the district attorney to prosecute the Bishop of Chios Island, Markos Vasilakis, because he dared to say, during a sermon, that the thousands of people who recently arrived from Turkey on the island of Chios are illegal migrants, and not Syrian refugees.

Telegram social network

ISIS Followers Flock to Telegram After being Driven from Twitter

Driven from Twitter by tougher anti-terror regulations, Islamic State and its followers have increasingly turned to private messaging app Telegram.

And Western nations have more than taken notice.

With millions of IS loyalists communicating with one another on Telegram and spreading their message of radical Islam and extremism, France and Germany last week said that they want a continent wide effort to allow for a crackdown on Telegram.

“Encrypted communications among terrorists constitute a challenge during investigations,” France and Germany said in a statement. “Solutions must be found to enable effective investigation… while at the same time protecting the digital privacy of citizens by ensuring the availability of strong encryption.”

Churches and the Dangerous Ministers of Multiculturalism

multiculturalism“…But that is not what “multicultural” means in the present context. When a pastor specifically claims that his church is “multicultural” and he infuses that term into the identity of the church it means something very different. It means that he is a truth denier and a slave to political correctness. Put simply, multiculturalism has come to mean an acceptance of cultural relativism. And that by necessity involves a rejection of the idea of absolute truth.”

Muslim Burka

Majority of Swiss Support the Burka Ban

According to a recent survey, 71 percent of Swiss respondents want to see a burka ban implemented across Switzerland.

If the Swiss were vote today, 71 percent of respondents would accept the initiative advocating the ban on wearing the burka, among which 55 percent fully approved of the initiative, and 16 percent who were on the whole in favor.


Losing My Religion: Muslim Apostates Land in Mortal Danger in Sweden

The latest wave of Islamic refugees to Scandinavia has surprisingly brought more converts to Swedish churches, which otherwise had been losing their flocks at an alarming rate. However, the fresh converts are by their own admission subjected to pressure and threats from radical Muslims.


Will the Clinton Foundation Mark the Fall of Our Republic?

No matter how extreme the future revelations of Julian Assange and others turn out to be, the truth about the Clinton Foundation is already clear. Whatever its original intentions, this supposed charity became a medium to leverage Hillary Clinton’s position as secretary of State for personal enrichment and global control by the Clintons and their allies.  We also now know—as the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel made clear in her recent oped—why Hillary decided to hide all her emails on her “infamous server.”

To my knowledge, nothing like this has ever been done in the history of the United States government. It calls to mind, if anything, the United Nations’ scandalous Oil-for-Food program in which millions were siphoned off from a plan to feed Iraq’s children during the war.


Star Ethicist recommends surrender to Sharia law…

Faith-based refusal to shake hands with women in office not OK: Ethically Speaking

“…Begin by speaking privately to your colleague. Calmly explain why you experience his behaviour as offensive. Make clear that, while you respect his right to practice his religion, that right does not extend to treating you as a subordinate. In all likelihood, given his generally “respectful” nature, he’ll respond that he had no intention of making you feel inferior, but that his faith simply prohibits casual physical contact with women. You need, then, to make clear that whether or not that was his intention, the effect is that you felt diminished. Then propose a solution. Suggest that, seeing his faith makes it impossible to shake hands with everyone, you will jointly propose, at the next meeting, that the practice of handshaking, or other such physical contact, be eliminated from meetings at your place of work.”

German police officer

Muslim girl in Germany indicted on ISIS linked terror charge

German prosecutors have indicted a teenage girl in connection with the stabbing of a police officer in Hannover. Authorities said the attack was linked to the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) group.

The 16-year-old German-Moroccan citizen was indicted on Monday by a German court on charges of attempted murder and supporting a terrorist organization.

Prosecutors said the girl, known as Safia S. in the media, was inspired by IS to carry out a “martyr operation” with a knife on a police officer at a train station in Hannover on February 26. Under German press-protocol the full name of the accused can not be given until a judgment is made by the courts.


Hillary Hates

“Hillary hates black people and white people. She hates women and men. You know the only people she doesn’t hate? People who give her money. That’s why she used to like me.”

I’m back with more free advice for the Trump campaign. Plagiarize away, but without the rick roll, OK?

“Hillary opposes school choice because green money matters more to Clintons than black lives. School choice is good for black people, but bad for the Clintons. Does she hate black people or just not give a damn about them? What difference, at this point, does it make?

“She’s pushing the ‘cops are racist‘ narrative that’s not only nasty and dishonest but dangerous to cops of all races, and to civilians of all races. Fear and hatred of police is bad for black people, but good for the Clintons. Black votes matter more to Hillary than black lives. Does she hate black people or just not give a damn about them? What difference, at this point, does it make?

Merkel Protest

Merkel: ‘Unacceptable’ for EU Members to Close Doors to Migrants Because They’re Muslim

It is “unacceptable” for some European Union members to close their doors to refugees just because they are Muslims, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday.

“Everybody has to do their bit,” she told ARD television. “What I continue to think is wrong is that some say, ‘We generally don’t want Muslims in our country regardless if there is a humanitarian need or not.’ We’re going to have to keep discussing that.”

Someone needs to have a word with Merkel’s doctor.

No kidding… Thai police link beach-town bombings to Muslim insurgency

gomerThai police identified on Monday a third suspect wanted in connection with a wave of bombs in tourist towns this month that killed four people and for the first time linked the attacks to Muslim separatists operating in the far south.

Thailand’s tourist industry had been largely spared a spill-over of violence from a decades-old insurgency in the far south and authorities had at first dismissed any connection between the Aug. 11-12 bombings and the separatists.

But police issuing an arrest warrant for a third suspect on Monday said all three of the people they wanted to question had links to previous attacks blamed on the Muslim insurgents.